The Soccer Field is David Beckham’s Catwalk

The Beckhams are like a really hot, powerful disease sweeping the world. Kinda like what would happen if chicken pox took to wearing complicated outfits and dished out fashion pointers. Who would have guessed that the once silicone-free Posh Spice would grow into a mogul, knocking boots with soccer star David and ruling the world as a bra-less wonder? While Victoria’s boobies are under fire, David Beckham is causing a stir of his own in the sports world. I know (and care) very little about athletics. Luckily, what we’re really talking about here is fashion.

The Washington Post posed the question, “Does the US sports scene need a style icon?” Responses from magazine editors, as well as NBA and NFL players, reveal contrasting opinions. A fan of David Beckham, Wendell Brown of Esquire magazine welcomes the Beckham-style and feels that athletics are “desperately in need of an icon.” Brown also notes a void left by Michael Jordan after he retired. .

Find out why you won’t see sleeveless t-shirts on a basketball player after the jump…

Meanwhile, most American sports stars don’t appear threatened, when faced with Becks’ rising style star.

“It’s not going to put pressure on me. I’m not competing with him,” Philadelphia Eagles football player Jevon Kearse said with a laugh, while attending the launch of Jared M, a clothing line designed especially for big, tall sports stars.

However, most athletic associations are actively encouraging fashionable choices and players have started “dressing the part.” It’s been almost two years since the NBA enforced a dress code that demanded players wear “business casual” off the court.

“Sleeveless shirts, short, t-shirts, sunglasses indoors, headphones and chains and pendants over clothing were all banned.”

This is why I don’t play sports. I always have to be wearing my giant, diamond-encrusted “C-Money” pendant and chain. That, and the fact that if I attempted to do any type of running I would spend the rest of the day regurgitating the entire bag of Doritos I had eaten earlier as protest by my body.

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