The Skinny On Christian Bale’s Weight Loss For ‘The Fighter’

Say what you will about Christian Bale, when it comes to acting, the man gives 100% to each role. Unfortunately, that might not be a good thing when it comes to his health.

The Dark Knight star infamously subsisted on an apple a day for his role in The Machinist, resulting in a shocking 63-pound weight loss. Alternately bulking up for the Batman films, the movie star is once again losing weight for his newest film, The Fighter.

Gone are the muscles, replaced with hollow cheekbones, for Bale to play the role of Dickie Eklund. The film chronicles Eklund’s career as a boxer and trainer, who became a drug addict in the process.

This of course might explain his infamous on-set tirade. If I were screwing with my metabolism that much, I’d probably consider murdering someone for fussing with a light. Hell, I’d probably lose it over someone’s bones accidentally creaking too loudly. I need my snacks.

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looks shockingly thin for his role in The Fighter.