The Situation Turns Down ‘RHONJ’ Kim G’s Request For Arm Wrestling Match

Kim Granatell of The Real Housewives of New Jersey fame, posted a challenge to Mike ‘The Situation” Sorrentino of Jersey Shore on her Twitter page:

“Hey Situation, the Instigation wants to have a POW WOW with you. Come On!! I also do GTL, but mine is Gym, Terrorizing, & Laundry!!! Yes!!!”

“Seriously, you must do Arm Wrestling with Tom Murro & I will bob for pickles with Snooki. Have your people call my people.”

“Come on Situation, we are waiting!! Don’t worry, we can handle you guys!! Pilates-my version of your gym pays off.”

Through The Stiuation’s publicist, Kim G’s duel request was turned down with a “Good Luck!” Kim G. shouldn’t take it too hard since she’s got the arms of Celebrity Magnet Tom Murro to keep her warm.

Check out videos of Kim and Tom doing some good when they decided to stop by Payless Shoes to surprise a few less fortunate families getting ready for school with supplies and clothes.