‘The Situation’ Is Gonna Spit Lyrics On Upcoming Album

What with nothing much else to really show us, Mike ‘The Situation’ Sorrentino is ready to unveil his new rap album. I know Eminem is shaking in his boots.

A month or so ago we brought you a preview of his first song, aptly titled “The Situation,” which was nothing more than Fatman Scoop screaming over horns and sirens and then Sorrentino singing/rapping with more vocoder than Cher.

Apparnetly he’s in the studio working on a few remixes and eventually a full album, saying “I’m lyrically gifted, so to speak, and definitely not too bad on the mic at all,” he boasted at the NoX Edge launch at GNC in New York. Yes, he was talking up his rapping skills whilst endorsing dietary supplements.

They may be tragic in numerous ways, but these Jersey Shore kids sure know how to cash in while the gettin’ is good!

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