“The Simple Life” Staff Ordered to Be Nice

Thank God I no longer work in a production office and can’t be forced to participate in BS like this. An email came down to the production staff of “The Simple Life” from top brass, instructing employees to leave the sarcastic “Paris in jail” jokes at home, when signing a card for the currently incarcerated heiress. TMZ got a hold of a copy of the email, which warns staff:

“Girl, I always thought you would look good in orange!’ is not what we have in mind!”

This reminds me of how I used to have to pretend to like someone in the offices where I worked just because they happened to be pregnant. Ugh. Let me tell you, the only thing more annoying than throwing a baby shower for someone you really couldn’t give a two shits about, is having to pretend to be constantly on the phone when they return for multiple visits with their baby, just to avoid having to give them a compliment.