The Silent Victims of Hot Women

Sure, we know all too well the perils faced by beautiful Hollywood actresses. Luckily, Jessicas Biel and Alba, as well as Cameron Diaz, have been brave enough to speak out about the difficulties they face by the aesthetic “advantages” with which they were born. But they’re not the only ones who face adversity. The latest actress to open up on the subject is Rosario Dawson, who recently discussed how this horrible affliction of being a sex symbol has even affected her family. Dawson spoke of how her brother Clay dealt with the fact that Rosario is “hot.”

Dawson says, “He said recently, ‘I see you at all these premieres, and everybody wants you. They’re grabbing at you, and I feel helpless.’ “When he was in high school, his friends would say ‘Your sister looks hot,’ and he had to deal with that as well.”

So apparently, not only do 300-pound women with warts get all the breaks, but so do their siblings as well.