The Secrets Of A Hollywood Madam Include A Star-Studded Client List

Jody “Babydol” Gibson has written an autobiography entitled, “Secrets of a Hollywood Super Madam,” in which she spills about servicing such clients as Ben Affleck, Bruce Willis, Garey Busey and a slew of other high-profile celebrities. According to

On a promotional Website for the book, Gibson claims to reveal the details of Affleck’s “steamy night with a hot blonde” as well as a “wild time” involving Willis.

“This book is about my life servicing the rich and famous…and their sex, sex, sex!”

Back in 1986, Gibson was working trying to get her career as a pop star off the ground, but ended up starting, “California Dreamin’,” her escort service that ended up encompassing sixteen states in the U.S. and Europe when she was arrested in 1999. Sex Pistols guitarist, Steve Jones, has admitted to being a client of Gibson’s, while lawyers for Bruce Willis, Tommy Lasorda and the late movie producer, Don Simpson have flatly refuted Gibson’s statement that they ever used her services.

I hate when I read about something that I thought would be a good idea to write about, or make into a scripted TV show, and then someone else does it. Just because it happened to them in real life doesn’t make it a better idea than mine, dammit. Now, if I write my autobiographical Hollywood madam book, everyone’s just going to think I’m copying her.