The Secret To Nicole Richie’s Diet

July 14th, 2005 // 74 Comments

You must eat your salad one leaf of lettuce at a time. By the time you’ve consumed a quarter of it, you’ll be so tired from lifting your fork, you’re done!

(Image via Hollywood Rag)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Kat

    Maybe she’s actually sticking the fork down her throat. I hear that works too.
    Seriously. Not fooling anyone by opening your mouth that wide.

  2. By the looks of that salad, I wouldn’t be too eager to eat it, either. It looks like its a little past its prime.

    BTW, you may want to resize that picture. It’s about 75 pixels too wide, and it’s messing up yoru sidebar.

  3. She can’t see anything through those giant bug-eye sun glasses anyways.

  4. bitty boop

    look at her neck muscles strain to open her mouth that wide…btw, I don’t think there is ANYTHING on that fork at all!

  5. MarcusSpicer

    Have you ever tried to eat on meth?? It’s HARD!! Especially after a long binge…your throat gets all closed up and the food scratches it when you eat…It’s not fun at all! Give the girl break!

  6. Cynthia

    Neck muscles? No, that must be tendons or something. This girl does not have any muscles at all.

  7. Anonymous

    Maybe she’s taking the fork out of her mouth from eating salad, I wish I was that skinny.

  8. jenn

    omg. those sunglasses are TOO FUNNY. who wears crap like that! wow, i would die of embarassment if i were her.

  9. blew

    did she get her stomach stapled like her beau/fiance and therefore this bite is equivalant to a whole meal???

  10. Hodgie

    No there was no stomach stapling its called the cocaine diet…thanks marcusSpicer for your insight/”experience” with meth…ill remember it for next time! ha

  11. medea

    she is tiny! Her and Paris are still doing the “Simple Life”.

  12. jason

    isn’t it a know fact that people who are anorexic do this thing where they dont let the fork touch their lips when they are eating?….

  13. denise

    Yes, and don’t anorexics often “pretend” to eat, just like she’s doing, to deflect attention?

    she’s anorexic.

  14. lisa

    or maybe she’s doing what every american should think about doing and not eating as if each meal will be her last meal

  15. oliverstwist

    nicole is so skinny, I could blind-fold her with dental floss.
    nicole is so skinny, her nipples touch.
    nicole is so skinny, she turned sideways and disappeared.
    nicole is so skinny, she looks like a mic stand.
    nicole is so skinny, if she had a sesame seed on her head, she’d look like a push pin.
    nicole is so skinny, if she turned sideways and stuck out her tongue, she would look like a zipper.
    nicole is so skinny, when she wore her yellow dress, she looked like a #2 pencil.
    nicole is so skinny, she can dodge rain drops.
    nicole is so skinny, she only has one stripe on her pajamas. (they’re bongo of course)
    nicole is so skinny, when she takes a bath and lets the water out, her toes get caught in the drain.

  16. Jess

    ok seriously people, nicole is only 5 feet tall. that is short. she weighs 97 pounds. that is NORMAL FOR A PERSON HER SIZE!!!!!! now lindsay lohan looks awful and isnt normal. but nichole is. she’s turned her life around and is now a classy, pretty young girl. just because youre jealous get the fuck over it. kthnx.
    –by the way her sunglasses are cool. oversized sunglasses are extreamly “in” this season, for all you fashionably changled freaks who didn’t know.

  17. 97 pounds is NOT NORMAL once you are over the age of 16…even for 5 feet tall. Its 120 pounds. You are a MORON.

  18. nick

    yaa.. i’m pritty sure 97 pounds is fit for 12 year old… yes those sunglasses are pritty kool but come one THOSE ARE WAY TO FUCKING HUGE..there
    s such a thing as over doing the “in” thing

  19. MiZz CiErRa

    Man… how can you all hate on nicole richie? shes my idol. i would kill to look like tht 17 im 5’2′ and i weigh 115 pounds and she has really inspired me to loose a little weight. i applaud her hard work. SHES UNBELIEVABLY BEAUTIFUL so quit bein haterz.
    ur jus jealous.

  20. jeanette

    Thats probably all she had to eat the whole week!!!!

  21. StEpH

    Why dont u all shut up all u jealous pplz. nicole Richie looks absulutly gorgeous ! n if she happy with herself then u guys should all shut up n stop saying stuff that could put her down.shes a super prety 24 year old n shes gonna look absolutly gorgeous in her wedding dress n Im really happy 4 her n u should be 2

  22. celeste

    come on now, there is nothing wrong with her. I am the same height as Nicole and weigh 100lbs, and I am perfectly healty and I eat. I think she looks great. To me it seems that after the heroin episode she turned her life around. Isn’t possible that now she spends her time taking care of her boby by going to the gym and eating right, instead of shooting up heroin. Seriously, you idiots need to think stuff through.

  23. stef

    nicole looks great so stop bagin on her,
    she’s alot happier with her body now and i think good on her and i argree with jess and fuck at least she is eating compared to some leave nicole alone she looks great compared to some people.

  24. Nat

    being 5 feet and 97 lbs is normal! Im 5 feet and 95 lbs and was told by the doctors that 93 is the average and healthy weight someone 5 feet should be at. And no I don’t have an eating disorder and I actually look way healthier than nicole richie. My guess is that she is around 85-86lbs.

  25. hannah

    to all you who says that she look ssick- you’re just jealous! get over it! just ’cause you’re fat,ugly n miserable doesnt give you the right to be mean to nicci! aight??

  26. nicole

    omg.. i think she looks great.. she’s short and 97 pounds for someone with her height is totally fine.. she rocks..
    p.s. yes lindsay lost a few pounds but she’s never gonna look bad

  27. what a bunch of losers. why dont you guys go suck her pimple looking tits. she looks like a cracked out whore.

    i guess it is true. when your famous – the world is blind to your flaws.

    that bitch is nasty. if i didnt know her and saw “it” walking down the street i would think she was a heroin addict.

    eat a sandwhich!

  28. lol

    120 are you joking you fatass

  29. Deedee

    I guess that judging by the average size of american women (SIZE FUCKN 14!!!!!)you guys are right she’s a bit skinny…but DAMN, am asking all of the guys who wrote a nasty comment about her weight!! Would you have a size 14 in your bed!!?? Come on now!! Be realistic!! Americans need to chill out on the chips and french fries!! Not everyone should have to be fuckn obese for you to fill more confortable in your shoes!! Who the fuck cares if she fills better that way anyway!!??

  30. doctor x

    um use are all jealous n stupid shes extremley pretty and famous and just because use are all bored with ur own sad little pathetic lives u have to sit on ur fat asses baging out someone better then u…… pay her out all u like cuz i hope u realize wen ur doing it ur paying out urself cuz u are not famous and she has a life 100 times better then use u sad pathetic loosers

  31. Me

    Let me tell you something, yeah the girl lost some weight, it doesn’t mean she is anorexic, but if you are right about an eating disorder, you should feel bad to talk about it this way, I have been anorexic, I’m still but not as bad as it was before, and your comments are horrible, you have no clue about what it is and you’re making fun of something you shouldn’t, being anorexic has nothing to do with weight loss, it is about pain, and you are just creating more pain, for the girls who are reading what you say, if you are so sure that Nicole Richie has an eating disorder you should pay more attention to what you are saying, because it is not going to encourage her to get better, serioulsy pay more respect to people who know what it feels like…

  32. rediculous

    yeah u guys r just jealous.. i wish i looked like her .. i wish i really knew how she did it. who cares if she dosent eat a lot i dont know any famous person that eats much!

  33. fatass

    hello everyone,
    I think nicole richie looks good (good enough to eat) but um, ouch. Why do you have to throw around the f word? (fat) ouch, is all I have to say. Ouch. You guys hurt my feel goods.


  35. Darria

    I love Nicole Richie… I’m one of her biggest fans.. If i could I would want to shrink down just like her because i like the way her body looks… I want to look like that

  36. misslovely

    is it avereage for a 14 yr old girl at 5’4″ to be 115-120. anyways i think nicole is soo gorgeous, i’m proud of her for turning her life around, hey come on she looks soo much better than before!

  37. I do think she does look great! You also need to exercise to. the secret diet is eat right and exercise! Duh

  38. s

    okay um she looks so much better than before.
    I am trying to lose weight and i’m exactly 5 foot like nicole, i am going to be 100 lbs.
    so there :p

  39. iloveyou

    she has to be less than 100 pounds, im 99 pounds and 5’3 with d cups and i look way fatter than her

  40. Monique

    It is possible that the food may have fallen off the fork. Haven’t you ever gotten ready for a large piece of food and then taste medal, then look down at your plate and realize that it feel off. Besides, salades are pretty hard to eat unless you dig the spikes at the end of the fork into the lettuce.

  41. brittni

    You are serious jerks.
    Nicole Richie is gorgeous and talented.
    To be making fun of her, you must all be complete idiots, or you are all just jelous.
    Seriously, she is much better than any of you could ever be.
    So shut your fucking mouth.

  42. Fatima

    I want to know exactly how Nicole lost weight. I’m struggling to lose weight and I want to be as skinny as Nic. She should quit with the act saying stuff like “I’ve always been skinny” and start talking. We want to know.

  43. Pheb111

    Making nasty comments like that and judging other people is totally un called for. Nicole is small, but if she is happy then good on her. I am the same size as her and dont have any eating disorders, but people always judge me as if i do-its awfull :(

  44. antonia

    hey guys. i think you should really back off nicole. she looks way better. im 4’11 and i weigh 101 pounds. im not fat and nicole isnt fat either. and im not anerioc and so nicole can’t be either. its all in the height people not the age!!! 95lbs to 103 i good for a person her HEIGHT. so why dont you just leave nicole alone. its called NOT EATING JUNK FOOD and EXCERSISE. i think nicole is perfectly healthy. if you dont then that is your opinion. i just had to tell ya guys that!!

    much love<333

  45. ingrid

    Nicole Richie is gorgeous. Shes basically my idol, if she can go from looking chubby to fabulously thin and stunning then anyone can. She gives me hope. (the glasses are very cute) Shes adorable and i wish i looked like her.


  46. thetruth

    Nicole is 24, not 16. That means she is past the puberty stage and should have a full set of breast and some ass, like any other woman.

    She should not look like a pre-abolescent boy,
    for a WOMAN at 5’0 with a small bone structure. Her idea body weight should be 104-115.

    Anything under 100 pounds at her AGE is “underweight”.

  47. Tiff

    I really don’t care what anybody thinks that sholuld be everyone’s motto , if ur a size 14 and happy wit urself the that;s great if ur a size 2 and happy wit ur self the same goes 4 u!!I am 20 years old and i am a size 3 and weigh 109 lbs i eat healthy food and I AM NOT ANOREXIC!! I think she looks very pretty.

  48. Well…I think Nicole looks better this way, she’s not as bad as Paris, so give her a break! She’s gorgouse. She wasn’t fat before but i THINK SHE LOOKS HOW SHE IS NOW…too all you ppl who bagged the crap out of her, get a life. How would you feel if you lost a bunch weight and ppl started calling you an ano, so shut the fuck up and let her live. She’s just trying something new and hey! It worked, embrace it. Geez.

  49. elsie

    im 15 5″2 and i weigh 104lbs. is that normal? and im not anorexic i eat plenty.

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