The Secret of the Black Oscars

For years, black members of the entertainment industry–actors, actresses, directors, etc.–have been holding their own version of the Oscars to honor those individuals of their community they feel are consistently overlooked by the “real” Oscars. However, with a record-breaking five black actors on the ballot this year, it has many hopeful that the Academy is taking strides in the right direction, with better roles being offered and performances recognized.

Perhaps the biggest indicator that the world has changed is that the Black Oscars have been canceled. After being a necessity for more than 25 years, they have succeeded by becoming redundant. “We only had the event to acknowledge those who weren’t being acknowledged,” says a member of the (secretive) Friends of the Black Oscars board. That’s no longer the case. “This year, the Black Oscars will be at the Kodak.”

And once again, it’s another award for which I’ll never be qualified. Dammit. Isn’t there anything out there that rewards individuals for consuming cereal in their pajamas while writing nonsense about celebrities?

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