The Rundown

When it rains it pours. A Rundown was in order for today. Plus it’s Friday and I could be drinking somewhere.

Oprah is getting her own fashion digs. The Queen of many housewives will have her own temple at which fans can purchase Oprah paraphernalia as well as everyday boutique items. The store is already being built in the same area as her studio. I am guessing it will be sort of like those gift shops attached to the exit of the rides at Disney World….but with more Chanel.

Donna Karan missed out on a Paul Newman encounter. After spending most of the evening at Elaine’s, Donna left as Paul walked in and took his seat. The two would have sat right next to each other if she had stuck around. An onlooker mistook Newman for a “Second Avenue” drunk before recognizing him.

Britney is hoping to “reinvent her look.” Instead of rolling in last night’s club wear and throwing a pair of cowboy boots and on, she plans on imitating Katie Holmes style and “class.” Poor kid. You can put her in Valentino, but she is still just a bumpkin in nice dress.

“I like clothes. But I like to be comfortable too. Katie always looks so cute in her Armani and Manolo Blahnik stuff. I’m gonna go for that vibe and all the trimmings.”

Fashion Rocks is just around the corner. This year Jeremy Piven will host the event that combines music and fashion. Aerosmith, Usher, Jennifer Lopez, Alicia Keys, Avril Lavigne, Fergie, Ludacris and Fall Out Boy are all set to perform.

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