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November 21st, 2005 // 4 Comments

As a result of my posting certain photos of Eddie Murphy and Johnny Gill, A Socialite’s Life received quite a bit of traffic from AOL’s Black Voices. A number of people weren’t too happy with me. Here’s my favorite email that I received.

I think you all are absolutely DISCUSSING.  To claim that Eddie Murphy is a FAGOT, not to mention Johnny Gill also.
What are trying to do, destroy all of our Blackmen? You must be one yourself. How dare you publish such lies. Eddie Murphy is a married man with a family, wonderful, beautiful children. Just because he’s with a friend of his. YOU ARE SOME SICK PUPPIES!
I hope both Johnny anad Eddie sue your hats-off.

While there we’re many more emails like this in my in inbox, I also received a number of gossipy rumors as well. Imagine that. Here are a few rumors that were sent in, and unedited:

Star from the syndicated radio morning show Star and Bucwild is definitely a lil freakier than he’d like people to think. I ofetn have phone sex with him and I am a gay male who can sound like a female on the phone. He was told that I was a male but he still loves the phone sex. We talk about lots of erotic freaky situations and he often masturbates while we are having the phone sex.

Joe Jackson has a daughter that lives in Gardena in an apartment that he bought to keep the mother to keep shut, and she is drug aid and hoe her name is Joh Vonnie jackson.

Whoppi is born in 1949 not 1955 like the press reports.

Kelly Rowland (Destiny’s Child) is really Matthew Knowles daughter.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Cheesy

    Lord, someone needs spellcheck!

  2. mutterhals

    Woo Hoo! Tell Eddie Murphy’s mother to just accept her gay son for what he is…A faaalllllaaammmmmmmiiiiinnnnngggg homosexual.

  3. write2liv

    Here’s how it went according to the woman in the picture. She and Eddie had dinner together, and walked out of the restaurant together…close together. Cameras went off and the next thing she knows, the National Enquirer is publishing a photo of them walking far apart in order to frame their story involving Nicole Murphy frolicking on the beach (Nov. 7). The caption read “Look What You’re MIssing.” His date’s picture was the most unflattering they could find. No mention of Johnny Gill because Johnny wasn’t there. In the NE photo, his date is to his right, as is customary when a gentleman is walking a lady down the street. Several days after the NE photo appears, someone for God only knows what reason (money, vindictiveness, or maybe just somebody without a life) spliced this photo together showing Johnny walking close to Eddie. Johnny wasn’t there. Please note that their sunglasses don’t even reflect the same glare though both appear to be facing the same direction. I won’t go off and start talking about evil people and evil deeds, but I will ask people to just ask questions before you accepting a picture as gospel truth. Don’t prove you’re dumb.

  4. johvonnie jackson

    to those of you who are hattin Ms. Joh Vonnie Jackson be easy. Nothing gets under my skin! Good day!

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