The Ron Meyer, Brad Grey, And Jerry Bruckheimer Quotes Of The Day

May 11th, 2006 // 11 Comments

“Tom Cruise is one of the most important stars ever in the motion picture business,” Ron Meyer, a close friend and former agent, told Reuters. “I don’t know anybody who has had the consistent success rate that Tom has. And nobody should be counting him out.”

Added Grey: “He is clearly, on a profit basis as well as a creative basis, one of the biggest stars in the world.”

“Tom’s really a good guy … and the press and public can turn on people for God knows what reason. But I know what he really is — a warm-hearted, terrific individual,” Bruckheimer said. “And he’s a wonderful actor.

Hollywood friends rally around Tom Cruise [Reuters]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Moose

    Whores, each and every last one of them.

  2. K-Box

    I can’t see the freakin’ article ’cause of the advertising all over it!
    These ads grate my nerves……..

  3. las

    Big big barf. “God knows what reason”? Well, WE all know what our reasons are! Just because you don’t understand it, buddy…

    “He is clearly, on a profit basis as well as a creative basis, one of the biggest stars in the world”

    Possibly not for long, since his latest movie had to be pumped up by Scientology’s mass ticket purchases.

  4. Marci

    They had me until they complimented his acting…

    Now I know they are bullshit artists who depend on Tom Cruise to make their livings. Tom is a fucking nut (amd not the kind of nut you want to party with)!!!!

  5. meatpuppet

    Ron Meyer is just another puppet slave for TC

  6. nancy


  7. kendall

    Wonder how much Tom paid these guys off ??

  8. d.c.

    These hollywood types lead charmed lives of lying to the public to fill their pockets.. What a waste of money to promote this movie and that stupid, stumpy non-hero.. and delusional head religious icon of Science. No, not one of them will tell the truth, promote a better culture and actor and stop some idiots from acting like star idiots, if it is a profit to them.

  9. maryanne29

    Like any of these guys would know reality if it hit them on the head. Top Gun was 20 years ago, guys.

    They are so out of touch with the public it makes me wonder if they work for George Bush as well.

  10. countrybabe

    They don’t get it. We just want them(Tomkat) to go away and leave the public alone. Yet they have to do articles everyday. Does Tom have so much time to go out because he doesn’t have any jobs lined up.

  11. Dana

    Are they Scientologists, too??

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