The Richie Family Continues Publicly Admitting to the Obvious

August 3rd, 2007 // 7 Comments


Now it’s Lionel Richie’s turn to give his two cents about his daughter’s behavior, surprising absolutely no one with the truth bombs he’s raining down on us.

“My daughter has made some mistakes in her life and has accepted responsibility for her actions,” Lionel tells “She has not blamed others for her problems and is growing up very quickly, albeit in the heat of the media spotlight. “

Oh Lionel. You seem like a nice enough guy. But this whole “growing up very quickly” mess is probably because this is the first bit of growing up she’s had to do in her whole twenty-five year existence. Let’s be real. And by the way, is it me you’re looking for?


By Lisa Timmons

  1. devil

    You’re exactly right – since when is a 25-year-old still a child. She may be HIS child, but she’s an adult and should act like one.

    That said, Nicole is doing better than most in similar situations.

  2. newfgirl

    HAAA!! Lisa, you continue to crack me up while I’m here dancing on the ceiling…

  3. tk

    Paris kept calling herself “a young person” before and after jail. Hello? She’s 26 with a sex tape, a prescription for Valtrex, a wonky eye and a rap sheet. Puleeze…..

  4. lookwhaticando

    Although I love Nicole, she should have “grown up” like 7 years ago. Her and Paris act like 12 year olds, the simple life was so ridiculous, that show was made for real kids, not 25 year olds that act worse than 12 year olds.

  5. jannre

    Its nice to hear that Lionel is behind Nicole, no matter what, thats what families are for.

  6. Clementines

    Crappy weak, fakey man, he’s such a rotten judge of character.. “Paris is a nice girl friend for my daughter?, rotten human, smiling and agreeable but staying away when the going gets rough and he has to say no.. doesn’t want to seem old as a grandpa, cheating on his wife, getting mixed up with hookers and drug takers, having his butt kicked by a woman, ignoring his adopted daughter and giving her so much room to ruin herself she almost died a million times., saying she is doing what is NORMAL and he is proud of her?! for a lady her age, she is doing things normal? OH REALLY. I think he should just shut up and leave her the hell alone.

  7. jlove

    stop being so judgemental…what self righteous pricks you all are. I personally don’t know any ‘PERFECT” people in this world.. an can any of you honesty say you made all the right choices when you were her age or younger? The pupose of life is to learn and continually grow…If it took her this long to realize and learn from her mistakes that doesn’t mean she was a bad person(a least she is on the right trarack). She has nothing to prove to the public only to herself and her family..and honestly how fucked up are we to be so involved in some 25 year olds life??who’s the worst? least she is living her life and not sitting around judging other peoples.

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