The Return Of Winona Ryders Sticky Fingers?

Say it isn’t so! It looks like Winona Ryder made the silly mistake of leaving a boutique with a belt and boots without paying for the items. How could this actually happen if it’s true? I mean, don’t most boutiques have security devices on items, or is Winona still lugging around the tools of the trade?

The Hollywood actress, who three years ago stole 3,200GBP-worth of clothes from a Beverly Hills store, reportedly walked out of the trendy Shabon shop wearing the 60GBP brown suede boots and 20GBP belt.

But sources claim they weren’t paid for until eight days later, when the star’s assistant returned and put the items on her own credit card. A shop assistant named Kelly claims Winona bought 200GBP-worth of clothes, but neglected to pay for the boots and belt.

She told Britain’s News of the World newspaper: “I don’t understand Winona at all. She made a big show of spending 200GBP in the store. and seemed to risk everything by taking a cheap pair of boots and a 20GBP belt.”.
However, Winona’s spokesman insists the ‘Girl, Interrupted’ star paid for everything she took, saying: “This is an inaccurate portrayal of events. All items were paid for in full.”

Aren’t the cheap items what gives shoplifters an extra thrill?

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