The Reason Behind The Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman Split Is Scandalous

April 3rd, 2006 // 57 Comments

While the actual reason behind the split isn’t revealed, the FBI tapes will reveal a major scandal. Nicole Kidman was reportedly “terrified”, “distraught”, “upset”, “panicking”, “distressed”, “bracing herself”, “reliving her nightmare” and “concerned” about the tapes.

The cover of Woman’s Day features the headline “FBI Tapes Reveal Why Tom and Nicole Split”. Inside, below a blurry photo of said ex-couple looking fed up and daggily coiffured, is news of a tape “that reveals why Nic and Tom split”. Scandalous details are surely to follow.

It seems an American private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, has taped Kidman and Cruise having “very private and very intimate” phone conversations, possibly discussing “the reasons for their divorce”. Rousing stuff.

Then, while we’re still waiting to hear what made the pair split, WD delivers one almighty waffle about Kidman being “terrified”, “distraught”, “upset”, “panicking”, “distressed”, “bracing herself”, “reliving her nightmare” and “concerned” about the tapes. Must be really bad.

Mere sentences later, WD kicks us in our desperate guts with reports the tapes are so embarrassing, Kidman and Cruise “could retreat out of the Hollywood spotlight completely”.

What could be on those tapes? Is Tom gay (OF COURSE HE’S NOT!)? Could Nicole be a lesbian (OF COURSE SHE’S NOT!)? What do you think the big secret is?

See more of Tom Cruise on “Wetten Dass” live broadcast, after the jump.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Jez

    i heard the baby she miscarried wasn’t tom’s, and she threw it in his face.

  2. Jez

    *the fact that it wasn’t his i mean, not the miscarriage itself lol

  3. Secret Agent Man

    The big secret: TC and NK had a business agreement. That agreement stipulated that they would marry and take on the role of husband and wife. The purpose was to enhance both career and revenue generating opportunities.

    Further to this, they were allowed to have “private” lives under specific circumstances. That being that discretion MUST be maintained at all times.

    Regretfully, NK had a sexual relationship with her co-star from MR. This lead to an unwanted pregnancy. That pregnancy lead to TC filing for divorce with the public statement “N knows what she did.” (it’s on the record, look it up)

    Unfortunately, NK lost said child. She was devastated as she had fallen in love with this particular co-star. Co-star decided he didn’t need the negative publicity (or TC’s henchmen destroying his career).

    Big open secret within Hollywood. End of story.

  4. LALALand

    Yeah, but if that’s so, why would you go to the trouble of adopting two children with the other person? If it was a “business arrangement” surely you wouldn’t want to complicate matters by doing something like that, would you? I can’t imagine as cold hearted as Cruise is perceived to be that he would adopt kids strictly as a convenience to further his charade?

  5. Trixie

    I just KNEW Ewan McGregor knocked her up. The chemistry between them in that film, and on the red carpet while promoting it, was palpable, and Ewan’s mousy French wife looked like she despised Nicole every time she was dragged onto the red carpet to refute the rumours.

    Nice snag, Nicole!

  6. Kelsey

    They adopted kids to make it look real. They probably went around trying to find some knocked up teen parents that wanted in on the deal…celeb parents to take care of your mistake? Seems like a good deal, no?

  7. ThrillKill

    Three (hypenated) words…

    Strap-ons aplenty!

  8. Wow

    I despise him but …

    … nice butt Tom.

    Been workin’ out I see?

  9. Miss Spaghetti O's

    The rumor inside the gay WeHo industry community was and remains that, Mr. Cruise had his very male lover — who he’d broken up with and was about to go public with tapes and pictures, murdered to keep the truth about his sexual orientation out of the public’s eyes.

  10. Draya

    NK was pregnant and Tom wasn’t the father. That’s why he dumped her. If you’re going to cheat, don’t get caught and don’t get knocked up by said lover.

  11. ray

    they were not so much in a business relationship as they were victims of blackmail. the scientologists knew tom was gay, found a willing aspiring starlet, and offered them both a deal: have a respectable ten-year marriage, kids included, while both are vocal scientologists. it works out for everyone: scientology gets money and noteriety from the pair, tom’s secret gets kept, and nicole becomes rich and famous. this would explain her almost immediate rejection of scientology following the divorce, as well as tom’s relationship with katie, another “we’ll keep his secret and bump up her fame” arrangement.

  12. i read years ago what was allegedly his list of his demands on the set. two included not being allowed to make eye contact with the woman he called ‘my best friend nik’ or him. the other was strict secrecy policies about his hairpiece. he’s not even a good actor. he is about as loony as you can be and still function.

  13. Maddyboy

    Whatever the secret may be, it’s no secret that Tom has a nice ass. Look at him in those juicy jeans!

  14. jj

    I guess the publicity on Tom is starting to wain. what better way to gain more publicity for his upcoming movie. No one really cares why they split they moved on and are happy. Tabloids need to sell junk to idiots that gobble it up as if it were their business in the first place.

  15. Rumor

    Ray please tell me this is not the same situation as John Travolta’s?

  16. A

    Some would be of the opinion that Nicole is not all woman.

  17. cunning bitch

    1.) A friend in europe told me that when TC & NC were in Venice Italy togather Mr, & the former Mrs.C had seperate suits and Mr. C was sharing his with a male “friend”.

    2.) Jessica Alba told an interviewer in London that TC had contacted her agent to arrange a meeting. Apperantly in a attempt to snare his next victim TC was conacting agents aplenty in holloywood to pimp out nubile young starlets of a certain status that he could could control. Oops, I mean mentor.
    J.A. wisely said no and the rest we know as history.

  18. KittyLiterati

    I buy the whole “baby’s not yours, Thetan Midget” story, but I don’t think NK got pregnant by Ewan (who is married with children).

    During and after Moulin Rouge hit it big, NK was quite chummy with Robbie Williams at the time–they also recorded a song together. If anyone knocked her up, my money’s on that man whore.

  19. Rumor

    I saw author Terry McMillan (not sure I spelled name correctly) on Oprah. She wrote “How Stella Got Her Groove Back,” which was based on her meeting her husband. Terry’s been married to Jonathan for I think six or seven years. They’re divorcing because after all this time, he’s “discovered” he is gay.

    These days, why go through all this? Why not be yourself? Does money mean that much? And how are stars able to hide their lifestyles from the rest of us? Can’t someone produce photos of Tom’s lover or get a good interview from someone who has seen them together?

    Kevin Spacey won his Oscars and faded from sight. I wonder if it’s because the media was starting to hound him.

  20. Sage

    Is that a new Scientology uniform or something? I swear he’s been wearing the exact same outfit for 6 months!

  21. marni

    Secret Agent…who is MR?

  22. jj

    I guess there is another low life out there trying to make money with inuendos. Please I am not buying that crap. They put anything out there and people believe it like it true.

  23. Jenny

    MR stands for Moulin Rouge.

  24. Rumor

    Just read on my favorite site that Cruise is planning to wed Holmes during the summer. He reportedly said he can’t “let this woman get away,” or something to that effect. So this relationship must still be “on” I take it?

    Who knows what to believe anymore.

  25. Marie

    That was hysterical Jez. Glad you caught it, too! I was cracking up at the visual. :D

    (Not that losing a baby is funny.)

  26. las

    Betcha it involves gay men. :)

    “He reportedly said he can’t “let this woman get away,” or something to that effect.”

    We keep trying to lock her up, but danged if she doesn’t pick the lock, dodge the dogs, and climb over the fences!

  27. Passport Junkie

    “A” you A-hole…. course Nicole is all woman! Do a bit of research before you pop off.

    She was a child star.

  28. Passport Junkie

    Oh and Secret Agent, they were already separated by the time filming had started on Moulin Rouge

  29. Rumor

    I also have a hard time believing Ewan McGregor impregnanted Nicole Kidman. He’s not only married, he’s happily married with children. There have been no reports to the contrary.

  30. Passport Junkie

    Yeah, there was such a furore surrounding them both at the time but i dont think for one second Ewan dipped his end in.

    Robbie Williams maybe…purrr…

  31. sara

    secret agent man… your story, while interesting doesn’t really have any basis in truth.

    1) there would have been no need for this ‘marriage deal’ you allude to… tom cruise was MARRIED to ANOTHER SCIENTOLOGIST (mimi rogers) when he met nicole kidman (on the set of days of thunder). there was no need to pair him off with anyone. he was already married to someone whom the church of scientology would have been more than okay with.

    2) tom cruise and nicole kidman were already seperated when the filming of moulin rouge began.

    3) i highly doubt your story about her having been madly in love with (and pregnant by) ewan mcgregor and that being the cause of the divorce. from most reports, she was completley in the dark about the split and was said to have not known what was going on until he announced at a table of their friends (who thought they were there to celebrate the couple’s anniversary, it’s reported she also thought that) that they were divorcing.

    a lot of lawyers and entertainment types believe that he filed when he did to keep her from being able to recieve more from the settlement due to california’s divorce laws in regards to community property.

    the rumour is that she was pregnant at the time, and the stress from him filing for divorce, etc was what caused her to miscarry.

    4) an offhand remark to the press does not make something ‘on the record’. it means they overheard him saying something derogatory about his then soon-to-be ex-wife.

    while i have my doubts as to the legitimacy of the tom cruise / katie holmes match (i believe the stories about jessica alba, and scarlett johanssen was also approached by cruise)… i think that tom cruise may have actually loved nicole kidman at some point (and i think she really did love him). but i think that time spent apart (they both put out an incredible amount of work during the marriage), her refusal to become a scientologist (she NEVER did) and her unwillingness to sink off into the background and let him be the celebrity were too much to bare and the marriage just busted.

    look at pictures of the two of them on the red carpet from the beginning of their relationship until the end. body language experts have happily pointed out for years that in the earlier pictures, their body language suggests that he is the dominant person in the relationship and she is a posession. as she got more work and more awards for her work (i think we can all agree that she’s got more talent in her little finger than he has in his whole body), the body language shifts and changes.

    i think he is so shallow that unless he is the sole focus of something, he’s not happy. the minute that nicole kidman became something other than mrs. tom cruise… she lost her charm.

    that’s why i think he went after a few starlets and became engaged to katie holmes. i think he was looking for someone who would be good arm candy but would never present a serious risk in regards to upstaging his career.

  32. Rumor

    Thanks for that information Sara. When you think about these purported arranged situations, it seems like a lot of drama to go through for nothing. Life is no dress rehearsal. I can’t believe grown men and women would get into fake marriages and lose 15 years of their lives just to be big stars or to make big bucks. The goal of most people is to find genuine happiness and loving relationships.

  33. snappy12

    It’s all about Scientology. The cult uses past “auditing” revelations (where the participants reveal past hurts, trauma, etc.) to blackmail cult members when they turn away from the group.
    Also, Scientology is against homosexuality, so if Tom ever even admitted having homosexual thoughts – they would have to “handle ” him, that is cure him from his homosexuality (for the right price of course). Since he is brainwashed, he buys into all this stuff. Scientology is seriously messed-up stuff – it’s no laughing matter. This group has destroyed many people’s lives – especially those who try to leave the cult.

  34. David

    I can not understand why everyone seems hell bent on destroying Tom Cruise. I have never experienced anything like it in my life. Not even the President gets as much flack as Tome Cruise. People are starting websites to boycott him, selling shirts mocking him ect.. Is it jealousy?
    I could care less what he does off screen. The fact that he stands up for what he believes in and is not afraid to put his reputation on the line for something he is passionate for is great. I don’t even have to agree with his polotics or his religon to see that he is passionate about making a difference. He runs multiple charities, runs a literacy project and donates his time to world affairs. In the midst of all of this he continues to work and be as creative as he can. To provide entertainment for us. Yes it is just entertainment. And it is for us. It just amazes me how focused people are at tearing him apart. It is like some sick game. To those “South Park” fans angry that he may or may not have had anything to do with pulling those episodes. I don’t know, but I don’t blame him. Freedom of speech is one thing, but the desire to mock and destroy somones image so that you can make money is not free speech. If the National Enquirer printed the same stories they would have been sued. And they have and they lost. Much less allowing Paramount/Viacom a company that Cruise helped put on the map to air such material. Take a pill people, get a life and please let others live the way they choose. He is an actor and a public figure just trying to do what he thinks is right. When did we suddenly become GOD. Give it a break!!

  35. Dolly Diablo

    I understand what David is saying about Tom Cruise… Please admit that he’s gone a little batty though, you never saw him act like this before for any reason… I have no idea what the hell is going on with him or Katie Holmes or their demon spawn, but he needs some therapy or something to help him get over the mid life crisis or coming out of the closet or whatever he’s going through…

  36. Rumor

    David, I agree that boycotting Tom Cruise is going a bit too far. I was never really a fan of Tom the man, but I watch most of his movies. I love action flicks.

    People have loved Cruise forever, but I think it was the recent chain of events that got everybody riled up. His very public putdowns of Brooke Shields really caused a stir, as did his jumping up and down on Oprah’s couch. People believe he is controlling and leading young Holmes to a dead-end road.

  37. PB&J

    We were talking at work about Tom/Kat and I said that I have a vague memory that the reason TC and NK divorced was that she became pregnant/miscarried and that TC was not able to have children (get anyone pregnant). My question is, am I completely wrong, or if I am right, why did TC & NK adopt, and is TC the father of Kate’s baby?

  38. sara

    snappy, scientology also condemns premarital sex. but they haven’t done anything about it in this case… there’s a theory that’s why he’s been so ‘over the top’ when it comes to displaying his feelings for katie holmes… that he was just ‘so in love’ that he couldn’t wait

  39. Rumor

    BP&J you brought up some interesting questions. I just want to say ooh, the plot thickens…

  40. Stewie Griffin

    I heard the same things Secret Agent Man said, so that’s pretty much the big secret. It’s no secret her costar in MR is cute, well hung and very shagable so what’s a girl in a fake, loveless marriage to do? I’ve also heard NK had to make her partners sign confidentiality agreements so they wouldn’t go to the media and spill the beans. An ex employee also stated that TC and NK slept in separate rooms at either end of their estate throughout their marriage, so do the math folks. The real reason TC stopped that South Park episode from airing was because of the homosexual implications, not the scientology factor. Everyone and their mother knows TC is gay, why he keeps on going through such ridiculous publicity ploys to cover it up is beyond me…someone needs to wake him up and tell him no cares, we’re just not that into him anymore.

  41. SCR

    OK….here’s my twisted theory. The Scientologists have convinced TC that he is their new “messiah” or “god” or whatever it is they call their higher up. Anyway he’s the new “god” and in order for him to get to his “throne”, he has to spawn a son. That’s why he’s waiting until after the birth for marriage, to see if KH delivers the goods. (He may have to move on…King what’s-his-name chopped off how many wives heads?)
    That’s why it has been such a hasty courtship and no marriage yet.

    Just a thought.

  42. marnie71

    TC and NC we not seperated when she was filming Moulin Rouge.Both Moulin Rouge and MI2 were filmed in Australia and roughly about the same time.They spent about a year living in Sydney while doing these projects.However,by the time MR hit the screens they had just seperated.

  43. Rumor

    Oh you guys, you’re driving me nuts! (smile). Who has the absolute goods here? I’m dying to know. Were Tom and Nicole already separated before MR or not? Somebody out there has to have an inside view, yes?

  44. Susan

    It was not Ewan McGregor. He always brings his family to the movie sets and his wife was almost always present, keeping an eye on him. It was Baz Luhrmann, the director of MR and a “good” friend of Nicole’s.

  45. Excuse me says:

    why are we talking about old news? who cares why they divorced. Isn’t that obvious by his actions–hes a complete and uncontrollable nutcase. I would even make up a story just to get away from him. Much happiness to Ms. Kidman she is classy in my eyes.

  46. goodze

    For all you doubters. My best friend lived in the same apartment building that Nicole and Tom had a place and their dog walker said he had a boyfriend over all the time.

    So so gay which doesn’t matter but why be so fake.

    Also Mimi released a statement this year to say the whole time they were married they never had sex. Gee I wonder why.

  47. Aussie Amy

    I’ve never liked tom Cruise. Seriously, this was the subject of many discussions at high school with girlrfiends just not understanding me at all. I don’t think he’s hot at all, and I don’t think his bum is anything special. I have never understood why some people think he’s so ‘hot’. Being an Aussie, I have an unspoken loyalty towards Nicole.

    Does anyone have any juicy details on who these “boyfriends” were that were staying with Tom?? Come on insiders….spill it!!!

  48. anna

    ewan mcgregor, his wife and children were living in australia while filming MR. this was documented –they were photographed together repeatedly around sydney. he was even ticked off that some aussie paparazzi photographed his kids at the beach. mcgregor also talks about the great friends his kids made in school, etc, etc. also, in an interview, he spoke about a family luncheaon at TC and NK’s house in sydney… both families present. i think MR’s producers milked the supposed EW-NK “affair” for marketing and publicity purposes. they’ve linked mcgregor with practically all this co-stars. from what i see NK and EM are great actors who had a real rapport on set.

  49. sara

    mimi rogers NEVER claimed that they didn’t have sex during the marriage… she said that he couldn’t get her pregnant (she was pregnant fairly quickly after the divorce by her next husband) and that it was a big source of trouble in the relationship.

    she did however say that he’d been training to be a catholic monk or priest (which he admits to) and that he’d thought he’d had to remain fairly celibate, despite being married. that’s a little different than not having sex the whole time.

  50. Terry

    When their split took place. My 1st thought was Russell Crowe had to be involved. At that time NK, RC and NWatts were hanging together tight. This was before MR. After the split RC gets married and NK and NW aren’t seen together again. Something happened there.

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