The Reason Behind The Tom Cruise And Nicole Kidman Split Is Scandalous

While the actual reason behind the split isn’t revealed, the FBI tapes will reveal a major scandal. Nicole Kidman was reportedly “terrified”, “distraught”, “upset”, “panicking”, “distressed”, “bracing herself”, “reliving her nightmare” and “concerned” about the tapes.

The cover of Woman’s Day features the headline “FBI Tapes Reveal Why Tom and Nicole Split”. Inside, below a blurry photo of said ex-couple looking fed up and daggily coiffured, is news of a tape “that reveals why Nic and Tom split”. Scandalous details are surely to follow.

It seems an American private investigator, Anthony Pellicano, has taped Kidman and Cruise having “very private and very intimate” phone conversations, possibly discussing “the reasons for their divorce”. Rousing stuff.

Then, while we’re still waiting to hear what made the pair split, WD delivers one almighty waffle about Kidman being “terrified”, “distraught”, “upset”, “panicking”, “distressed”, “bracing herself”, “reliving her nightmare” and “concerned” about the tapes. Must be really bad.

Mere sentences later, WD kicks us in our desperate guts with reports the tapes are so embarrassing, Kidman and Cruise “could retreat out of the Hollywood spotlight completely”.

What could be on those tapes? Is Tom gay (OF COURSE HE’S NOT!)? Could Nicole be a lesbian (OF COURSE SHE’S NOT!)? What do you think the big secret is?

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