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March 19th, 2009 // 8 Comments

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Dionee Alpine NJ

    Why were these women picked? They are not interesting. They are an insult to New Jersey woman. The whole reason why I watch The Real Housewives is to look at the interesting lifes of SOCIALITE woman and their ELITE lifestyles. Not a bunch of mobster housewives who are all related and have nothing else better to talk about than the new pasta dish and the new rock they got! They dont look classy or sound well educated. They dont seem to have a purpose other than to get a new dress to my cousins Vinny’s wedding! I doubt they know any aristocrats from New Jersey or any Famous Socialites. What is the purpose of having all these related wives, who cares? I wonder if Bravo was threatened by the mob to pick their wives or else.
    They definetly prove that money is not everything.

  2. nanci

    NJ girls, please clean up your act. Dina and her sister are the most normal of the bunch. Jacqueline seems very seet. However, the other two look like they were pulled off the streets of Staten Island (the sopranos without Tony). Did you ever hear “less is best”? Please get rid of the stereotypical act. Watch the real housewives of nyc to learn about class.

  3. Joanne C.

    Suggest Real Housewives of my town of Ridgewood NJ…We are college-educated, sucessful, and employed in medical and service fields.
    Our combined SAT scores would dazzle and show the flip side of the NJ stereotype. Follow us for a day, and see how we make the world a better place by giving back, with kindness and class.

  4. P.W.

    I agree with Joanne.

  5. Christine Charles

    Joanne is right. (She’s my mom and she’s always right!)

  6. Nntpxwfs

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  7. caraco ultram

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  8. Anita Lenore

    I hope the ladies will go see Father John Corapi Oct. 30 8,6 in Newark NJ. You’ll love him.

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