The Pussycat Dolls Give Free Show

March 8th, 2006 // 25 Comments

Apparently the Pussycat Dolls have never heard of double-sided tape or thongs.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Chrissy

    They kinda remind of the Spice Girls…you know, all looks no talent

  2. Meg

    Wow… I don’t care if there are breasts there… that red head is a MAN!!!

  3. alexis

    am i the only one who finds them completely revolting?

  4. Tracy

    I think they are a bunch of talented-less ho’s. Nobody should pay them any attention and let’s all hope they disappear real soon. And on top of that they are not pretty, only the lead singer is pretty. But they carry themselves like ho’s. Shame on them, this does not help women to be seen and treated equally as men.

  5. This was Teeeeeeeeeerrrrrrible!

    but funny.

  6. lala

    Besides one or two of them, I always thought they looked like trannies..

  7. Kelsey

    Yo, the redhead is a TRANNIE, my god!!!!!

  8. dana

    The redhead is most definitely a man… or was at some point.

  9. mimi

    It’s like I’m leafing through a Penthouse magazine with the 2nd pic.

  10. jenn

    a nip slip is nothin new, it happens… but at least the spice girls had the sense to not flash their cooch while preforming, that shit is rotten…..

  11. Cheesy

    “Dontcha wish your girlfriend looked trash like me, dontcha? Dontcha?”

  12. Wet Tongue Love

    Hot nipple and cleanly shaven snatch, what more could a man want? More, more, more……

  13. Small Fry

    One small step for women…… giant leap for skanky ho-bags!

  14. Gossip Guru

    The red head is definetly a trannie!! I know quite a few trannies and that is a trannie tittie!! The way it is not that big buit really hard . . . . .trannie. Well, actually that is pretty great. A trannie who is somewhat of a popstar. SHE BETTER WORK!!

  15. Morgan

    Even if the red head wasn’t a trannie – WTF happened to her face? It looks 100% plastic!!!

  16. Sarah

    that’s a lot of a make-up and a lot of poon.

  17. Y-O-Y?

    Reminds me of Maury’s “male or female” shows. So just in case this turns into the female version of the village people (I didn’t know they were gay for a long time): Sex drive deactivated

  18. RachelLee

    Is that the new celebrity trend now..snatch shots, nip slips, sex tapes..wat it aint enuf for celebrities to whore themselves out in every other way mags, pics, ads, radio etc..enough is enuf…those bitches are just nasty…
    PS. #14 I agree she is definitly a she-man,boobs or no boobs..

  19. tb

    actually the red head who’s name is Carmit had to have corrective surgeries on her face due to being born with a cleft lip.

  20. Emma In London

    Are they all like 40 and well past it?

  21. Sarah

    now yu see… ppl like that are soo worth gossiping about.. how gross is that..

  22. maaaaan the pussy cat dolls are f-kin stunnin xcept the ginger 1 and the best 1 is the 2 tanned girls. but they are copyin the spice gurls

  23. Capri

    Uhm the redhead looka lika man. And whoever did those breasts needs to stop overfilling implants! The look like they’re about to burst. the end.

  24. Jessica

    the red head is sooooooooooo a man i think the only pretty 1 is the coloured one with the short hair appart from that i think they are all pointless and insulting all women by showing they are all sluts!!!!!

  25. Shan

    all i can say is that there’s only a couple close up pics of the rest of “singers” in the group because they are either nasty or look like men. the main chick is kinda hot but you gotta ask yourself, is that STD free or do you gotta pay for it?

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