‘The Prestige’ to Wow Audiences

At least that’s what its star, Hugh Jackman, is promising. According to ITV.com:

Jackman said: “There are three parts to a magic trick, the Pledge where you promise to cut a woman in half, the Turn, where you cut the woman in half, and the Prestige, where the woman comes back together…In our movie, the Prestige is in the movie itself, the greatest magic trick is performed by the director and the scripts. There is a twist at the end but no-one is going to get it.”

I hope the twist involves M. Night Shyamalan jumping out of a cake, yelling, “What a twist!”

Many more photos of the stars from “The Presitge” premiere after the jump.

(Photos by pictureperfectagency.com)

Written by Lisa Timmons

(Photos by pictureperfectagency.com)