The Power Of Tom Cruise

March 17th, 2006 // 23 Comments

Tom Cruise is using his influence in canceling a scheduled repeat of the South Park episode of “Trapped in the Closet.” A snippet of the video is above. It’s probably not work friendly.

Sources from inside Paramount and South Park Studios report that parent company Viacom pulled last night’s scheduled repeat of the high-rated “Trapped in the Closet” episode after the humorless Scientologist movie star Tom Cruise threatened to cancel all publicity for Mission Impossible:3 if Comedy Central aired the episode that satirizes Scientology and mocks his sexuality again.

The South Park boys are said to be angry, but will probably get revenge with the manner in which they deal with Scientologist Isaac Hayes’ departure from the show.

Tom is set to share his wisdom at Yahoo! Campus on March 21st as part of their “influential speakers” series. Here’s hoping he’ll touch on the Comedy Central/South Park debacle.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Brian

    He may not be gay (and maybe water isn’t really wet) but he is truly the most obnoxious guy on the planet.Isn’t that fake baby ready to be trotted out for the promotions for MI3 yet?

  2. Dr.tia

    I had to unleash the doctor on this one LOL. In a way I can understand why Tom is so angry. I would be upset to if someone was trash talking my religion or speaking untruthfully about me. I wouldnt take such drastic measures as Tom, but I can see why he is doing it. I feel bad for him. I think he really just wants respect but, he is handling it the wrong way. I think he could be a great guy if he just learned how to control himself. I like Tom cuz he is an excellent actor so I support him always. I dont like his new attitude but I became a devoted fan of Tom back when he did Interview with the Vampire. So I cant hate on tom, but I hope he changes before it affects his career.

  3. Nancy Drew

    hmmm, canceling all publicity for MI3? Sounds like heaven to me! Go Tom, Go!

  4. Kelsey

    Aside from he doth protest too much….this man has so sense of satire whatsoever. South Park has made fun of everything and everyone. They have offended people everywhere. What makes Tom think that he is so special? Hell, the MOVIE was dedicated to being racist towards all of Canada…with our beady little eyes and our flapping heads! For the record, I’m Canadian and I freaking LOVE that movie. Stereotypes and well heard rumours are subject to satire…get over it! If it was such a problem, then why didn’t the Pope speak out against South Park when it made fun of Christianity? Cuz South Park isn’t taken seriously! Why hasn’t Tom attack John Stewart yet? Or Lewis Black? or any other great sarcastic mind of our time? Be consistant! Or better yet…BE EASY!!!

    Sarcasm is one of the greatest forms of humour, and I pity the person who can’t understand it. It’s in our culture everywhere. Hell, we have a TV show dedicated to pointing out how stupid Americans are…but it’s all in good fun! I’m sure you all have a show down there proving what Hosers and dumb-shits we are! Oh wait…THAT WAS THE SOUTH PARK MOVIE!!!!

    In closing. I hate you Tom Cruise

  5. my2cents

    Maybe he really was abducted by aliens…that would explain his wierd behavior….back in the day, he seemed so normal…what happened!!!

  6. doofus

    I can’t believe Viacom caved to that freak.

    like he’s be SO dumb to NOT do publicity for his movie? that was a bluff, and the stupid folks at Viacom fell for it.

    personally, I don’t think he’ll ever have a successful movie ever again, regardless of the quality, because he’s simply offended and disgusted too many people. so why he would NOT do publicity for a movie that’ll probably fail anyway is ridiculous. but it IS Tom Cruise we’re talking about here, so ridiculous is par for the course.

    to kelsey…hello in Canada! I’m so glad to know that you guys are (mostly) not offended when the US makes fun. I always saw Canada as a “sibling”, the type you love to fight with and make fun of, but it’s all done out of love. and gee, you have shows that make fun of americans?…I can’t imagine! We have some of those too…we call it “reality TV”.

  7. maria

    kelsey, you IDIOT: it is NOT Tom!
    A rep for Comedy Central, asked if Cruise was responsible for the “Closet” episode being yanked, attributed it instead to Hayes’ resignation, saying, “In light of the events of earlier this week, we wanted to give Chef an appropriate tribute by airing two episodes he is most known for.”

    “Notice of anti-scientology : By thus gesticulant Tom Cruise does nothing but obey its sect.This film makes fun well more of the methods of the scientology that are delirious of Tom the proselyte. What disturbs the scientology it is the fact of having dared to present at general public the hidden revelation, the higher and ultimate “knowledge” of the scientologists… (Oh ! sacrilege. Tom help us, please help !). Also since the diffusion of this episode of Southpark the cult of scientology does not cease losing followers. Increasingly many victims are disappointed by the lack of intellectual integrityof its leader, M. David Miscavige : “pseudo pope “of a pseudo church which claims to have 8’000′ 000 of faithful in the world … but which refuses the mails of the anti-scientology. A quite sad church, a quite small man.”

    In closing. I hate you Kelsey to be such an ass!

  8. tia

    WHOA MARIA !!! chill out .. it aint that serious !! Go smoke some chronic .. everything will be aight .. just chill ok

  9. maryanne29

    I think Tom needs to develop a sense of humor.

    I think Tom Cruise has crossed over into the Michael Jackson side of celebrity.

  10. Kelsey

    Thanks Tia for defending me, even on the post of me bashing of your beloved Tom.

    Maria…how about you chill the fuck out. You are aware that this is a site for bashing…and holy shit…SATIRE!!! Obviously you are in the same boat as Tom. Like I said before, anyone who is offended by South Park should get medication…or some weed….cuz goddamnit, you need to laugh people! It’s a sad world out there, and you might as well laugh as cry.

    BTW, the post is about Tom pulling the episodes…so how the hell am I supposed to know that it wasn’t him? I do have somewhat of a life outside the internet…not much as I’m on here everyday…but I have more of a life than that of you who feels the need to go an research the post. Get a grip.

    In closing, Maria…fuck off, eh?

  11. doofus

    to kelsey…BEAUTY! although, I really thought you’d say “take off” instead of “fuck off”, but that’s what stereotyping does! :)

    (did I tell you that I own “Strange Brew” on DVD?)

  12. Kelsey

    I actually don’t even know what that is, doofus! Also, I think “take off” is more of a Newfie thing…that’s where all the Canadian stereotypes come from…I’m from Midwestern Ontario…we are probably the most neutral Canadians, in terms of stereotypes that is…

    I wanted to add to my other post as well.
    If the shows we being cancelled for Hayes, then he’s a retard too. He participated willingly until they made fun of him and his cult…whoops I mean….”religion”. Hypocrite. So again, Maria, your post does not have any effect on mine. My point still stands. So unless you are going to attack my grammar or something like lots of people who get shot down here tend to do…go away:)

  13. maria

    idiot ,kelsey, you have a way to Know:


    A spokesman for Cruise denied that Cruise had ever made such a threat. “He never said any such thing about ‘Mission: Impossible 3,” the spokesman said.

    While the “South Park” creators didn’t directly comment on Comedy Central’s decision to pull the episode, they issued an unusual statement to Daily Variety indicating the battle is not over.

    “So, Scientology, you may have won THIS battle, but the million-year war for earth has just begun! Temporarily anozinizing our episode will NOT stop us from keeping Thetans forever trapped in your pitiful man-bodies. Curses and drat! You have obstructed us for now, but your feeble bid to save humanity will fail! Hail Xenu!!!”

    Like Tom will boycott himself for money! LOL

  14. Kelsey

    Wow, you raelly don’t get it do you? I don’t look beyond this site for my information regarding posts here. I comment on what I see. If there is a different story, I will post when it’s posted here. Until then, this is just another excuse for me to rip on Tom cuz I hate him so much.
    If you like him, I suggest you leave, or suck it up like Tia.

    Over and out.

  15. Green Eyed Angel

    Exactly, most of us just glance at this site during work, not cross-reference every fact. That’s why it’s a GOSSIP blog. If you don’t want to rip apart Tom Cruise, go look at the Cleaning Hunk, umkay?
    AAAANNNNDDDD, if you happen to know anything about scientology, they have a troop of lawyers to fight the crusade to hide their freakiness and to protect their secrets. It really doesn’t matter what comes to press about why the show was premptied, cuz it’s the man behind the curtain that’s pulling the strings. If you’re really bored and you wanna check MY “facts” go Goggle the fisherman papers.

  16. Tiny Dancer

    I suggest we all write Paramount and tell them why we are not going to see MI3. Unfortunately I could not find an email for them…
    Paramount Studios
    5555 Melrose Avenue
    Hollywood, CA 90038


  17. doofus

    geez, I can’t believe a Canadian doesn’t know the McKenzie Brothers! :)

    They were originally from an SCTV skit, but had a VERY hilarious (and amazingly stupid) movie called “Strange Brew”…they were supposed to be the stereotype of the beer-drinking Canadian who says “take off, eh?”, “beauty!” and other such canada-isms…

    although stupid and stereotypical, they were quite endearing…

    PS-I don’t think you’re an idiot…I would think someone is an idiot if they scour the internet for ways to prove a gossip site wrong.

  18. Katie

    Tom Cruise is only bothered by it because it’s true.

    He’s let his fame make him nuts and now believes that he’s above everyone else.

    I got news for Tom Cruise — in the grand scheme of things, he’s nothing. Acting isn’t saving lives.

  19. Small Fry

    Dr. Tia, just out of curiosity what type of Dr. are you? I have wondered this often as I’ve seen your many posts…don’t know many doctors who have all kinds of time on their hands to look at a gossip blog….and secondly, don’t know many doctors who would tell someone to go smoke some chronic. Not being mean, just curios is all.

    P.S. Tom is a nut job.

  20. Kelsey

    Ohhh.. I like you Katie!

    Doofus, now that you mention SCTV, I know what you are talking about, but I’ve never actually watched the show. I’m more of a “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” kind of girl…which is where the segment ‘Talking to Americans’ is run. teehee:)

  21. Tine

    I bet Maria is at home now sitting on a plastic covered couch with kleenex boxes on her feet for slippers yelling at her computer screen! Take a deep breath and relax….

  22. angela

    hey! A Socialite’s Life got a shout-out on Page Six today. Too bad they got your URL wrong.

  23. bailey

    ok that was so funny, i dont get comedy central so i never see south park but that was frickin hilarious.

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