The Power Of Kid Rock

February 23rd, 2006 // 5 Comments

Well Kid Rock may not be that powerful, but he does have a willing judge and most likely a capable lawyer working for him. According to Kid, Scott Stapp was supposed to have kept the video private. Oh Scott, you’ve become one big fuck up haven’t you. You may want to lay off the booze and lock up the videotapes.

Kid Rock has won an initial victory in his attempt to stop a California company from releasing an explicit sex video featuring the rap-rocker, former Creed singer Scott Stapp and four women.

U.S. District Court Judge John Feikens signed a temporary order that stops David Joseph and his World Wide Red Light District company from posting a preview clip of the video on its Web sites.

On Tuesday, Kid Rock’s lawyers sued Red Light, which made headlines in 2004 by distributing the Paris Hilton sex video, accusing the firm of violating Kid Rock’s trademark and privacy rights. The lawsuit seeks a permanent court order halting sale or distribution of the video.

“We don’t deny the authenticity of the tape,” Kid Rock’s lawyer, William Horton, told the Detroit Free Press. “But they’re using this without his permission to drive the sales of their other products.” “Even rock stars are entitled to privacy,” said co-counsel Michael Novak.

Kid Rock said in the lawsuit filing that it was clearly understood that the video would remain Stapp’s private property and would not be displayed publicly.

Joseph has said previously that he got the tape from a third party. It involved women from a strip club and was taken in a motor home, he said.

At least the locale and type of women involved keep within Kid Rock’s trailer trash image.

Kid Rock Sues To Stop Sale Of Raunchy Sex Tape [ClickOnDetroit]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Girly Girl

    Okay- this is at least the second time Miu has posted this still…

    And I STILL can’t figure out what the hell the chick behind him is doing??? When it comes to kink, I’m a ‘to each her own’ kinda gal…(uh, Janice with Ralphie Cifareto on the Soprano’s… anyone remember THAT scene?) but good lord… It looks like she is lancing an ass boil.

  2. Madi

    Thank the lord they are trying to stop the tape from being released. Seeing two fugly, trailer trash, fucked up dudes doing it
    (skin crawling) enough to make me sick

  3. kellym

    I’m with Girly Girl – I saw the video and immediately wondered what the hell she’s workin on ’cause I don’t think it’s a back tickle.

  4. Small Fry

    Is he wearing sunglasses? Who the hell wears sunglasses while porking on the floor of a dirty Motel 6 bathroom?

  5. The Bunny

    When will these dumb fucks stop recording themselves and then whining when it gets out? They KNOW people will pay for this scandalous crap.

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