The Pope Loves ‘Harry Potter’! Thank God!

Although it blasted the Harry Potter a few years ago, the Telegraph reports that the Vatican and it’s official newspaper, L’Osservatore Romano, love the Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince. They love the “clear” depiction of the battle between good and evil that is seen in the fight between Harry and Lord Voldemort. “There is a clear line of demarcation between good and evil and [the film] makes clear that good is right. One understands as well that sometimes this requires hard work and sacrifice.”

The paper said that Half-Blood Prince is the best film version yet saying that it’s “a mixture of supernatural suspense and romance which reaches the right balance.” They also love that the villain is trying to achieve immortality, which proves that immortality is wrong.

My favorite part of review is that the Vatican approved the way adolescent romance was approached. They said the film achieved the “correct balance” and made the characters seem real and credible. I’m picturing Pope Benedict XVI watching Harry Potter and getting excited when Harry and Ginny kiss for the first time.

L’Osservatore Romano was not a fan of the series a few years ago saying, “Despite the values that we come across in the narration, at the base of this story, witchcraft is proposed as a positive ideal. The characterization of common men who do not know magic as ‘Muggles’ who know nothing other than bad and wicked things is a truly diabolical attitude.”

So if the Pope loves it then that means everyone else is going to love it, too.

Gallery Info: Pope Benedict XVI arrives at Caselle airport and production stills from Harry Potter and The Half-Blood Prince.