The Pope Cavorting With Madonna

That John Paul sure seems to have bounced back. I’m just pulling your leg. That’s not the Pope; it’s Guy Ritchie with Madonna. Ah, wearing in what was an obvious tribute to her Catholic upbringing.

Hubby Guy Ritchie raised a few eyebrows by going as the Pope, considering the fragile state of the Catholic leader’s health. But one party-goer said: “Everyone had a great time. There was lots of drinking and fun had by all, including Madonna and Guy.” As devotees of a strict religious order themselves, if any offence was taken…we’re sure there was nun intended.

The next day Madonna, 46, was all curves outside studios in west London. A bystander said: “Her cleavage was something else.”

She kind of looks like she’s a linebacker there with those arms. The hair isn’t doing anything for me either.

Like a virgin again! [News of the World]

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