The Person Who Takes The 2007 ASL B.S. Awards Number One Slot Is …

Britney Spears! We are counting down the top 10 people who the ASL editors, Lisa Timmons and J. Harvey would love to Bitch Slap for their behavior in the past year. Here is the rest of the top ten.

1. Dear Britney,

2007. It was your year. The year of the hillbilly. The year of the Red Bull can. The year of children not in carseats. The year of bad wigs and shaven heads. The year of living in hotels when you had a house. It was the year of detonating what, up until now, had been a skyrocket of a career. it was the year of seducing the paparazzi. It was the year of attacking the paparazzi. A year of self-delusion. A year without seeking anyone’s opinion but your own and it being very evident. A year of fast food and bad skin. A year when you made your scrub ex-husband look ,well, normal.

It was the year we realized that you might have some mental issues. A year that we realized that you used to have handlers, managers and boundaries at every step of the way since you were 16, and that you nixed them all. A year that we saw the result. It was a year that you went dangerously out of control and became the punchline to everyone’s joke.

Who knows what next year will bring you. A nephew or a niece, true. But clarity? Reality? Sanity?

We can still see the adorable pop princess inside. Take some pills, talk to someone, center yourself, get some help and let her out in 2008! And stop with the frappucinos. Please.

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