The People Who Brought You “Sex And The City” Are All Ruthless, Backstabbing Sluts

The guy and gal who created “Sex and the City” had a falling out because they’re both producing what is essentially the same TV show for different networks. Both of these show sound exactly like “Sex and the City” except that they’re on network television, so no one’s gonna drop the “c-bomb” or talk at length about tossing salad or openly discuss drug use or the many abortions they’ve had – so what’s the point? Been there, done that.

After 13 years of friendship and huge success from their partnership on “Sex and the City,” former best buds Darren Star and Candace Bushnell are not speaking, according to insiders.

Star, the producer of “Sex and the City” as well as ’90s hits “Beverly Hills 90210″ and “Melrose Place,” was approached by Bushnell in 2005 to turn her novel “Lipstick Jungle” into another hit television series.

Sources said Bushnell very much wanted to work with Star on the project for NBC, but her agents couldn’t come to an agreement with him. Because Star couldn’t come to terms with her over “Jungle,” he re- created his own version of Bushnell’s pilot, “Cashmere Mafia,” and sold it to ABC. Pilots for both shows could be picked up next month for the networks’ fall schedules.

“Candace was actually living at Darren’s house when she was writing the pilot for her show,” said our source. “Candace called him to say how happy she was that NBC picked up her script, and Darren told her, ‘Oh, yeah, I have a similar project at ABC.’ She was devastated.”

Ok, and the saddest part of this whole boring story? Candace Bushnell only made 1 million on “Sex and the City” going to TV. You know it was one of those those things where she signed off thinking it would probably flop and then as it because a juggernaut she was like “kill me now, I’ve already spent the paltry sum I received”. That shit shoulda been her lottery ticket. She probably paid off college loans, and bought a couple pair of shoes. One million, hmpph!