The Penis Jacket

March 24th, 2006 // 18 Comments

To go along with the penis basket.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Phoenix


  2. doofus

    NO one, and I mean NO ONE, would wear that except a gaygaygaygaygay guy. or kevin federline.

    when you say “penis basket”, are you referring to the crotch of those jeans?

    sheesh, talk about pants being cut generously in the crotch…

  3. d.c.

    And ironically a man worthy to wear it..

  4. tia

    Well for one thing I think the model is hott, but um that jacket is just a disgrace. After seeing that one pic with Paris and her beau Stavros Niarchos where he was wearin that fuck you jacket .. I beat he would be the first one to buy this penis jacket.

  5. susan

    For when you want people to say to you “What a dick!”

  6. Wow, that jacket makes me laugh. I would almost consider wearing it just because its so funny.

  7. anonymous

    Who knew codpieces were back in style?

  8. NaughtyBits74

    Oh my, that’s horrible. Horible! even. Nice ‘package’ though…

  9. fairmaiden

    How many sweat socks does it take to make ur crotch look like that… geezzzz ummm and that model is fugly!!!

  10. Small Fry

    Ha ha ha. All that jacket needs now is a white string that attaches to the top of the zipper to be worn as an accessory dangling from the mouth. Designers are so ridiculous.

  11. anon

    did anyone notice that he is smoking a cigg?

  12. PleaseThink

    Is that a cigarette in his hand?

  13. whoop

    I’d like to see how many of these ‘manpower’ outfits the designer actually thought he could sell to men…

  14. fuma

    What idiot designer is this for? Not only is that the least desirable jacket, and most hideous pants, but they let this fool model smoke on the runway? Was this fashion show held in a crack house? laaame!

  15. Lina

    What sort of statement is it supposed to make when one unzips this jacket?

  16. Silasdog

    SamllFry, I think you have a future in fashion design :)). I’ve said this before: these outfits are just plain stupid. I would conclude that the person wearing that in public has got to be a dumbass, idiot, whose version of reality is dangerously different than mine. Also, where’s the female version of this jacket? Now you know that would be a huge seller; all the usual suspects would fight to be the first to wear it.

  17. fluffy eggbert

    i think the jacket is hot, hot ,hot!!!!!! i wish i had one! i sent the e mail to all my friends!!! the model is a big average but the jacket is just my style, ha ha

  18. Hmmm

    Why is the penis black? I know. Cause it is bigger. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

    Y’all know it’s true :)

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