The Paris Hilton Bump

June 29th, 2005 // 10 Comments

Paris is having one big laugh at the media right now.

These recent shots of America’s favourite celeb show more than a slight bump in the tummy area… So, is Paris Hilton pregnant?

There has been speculation since she was spotted with a bit of a rounded tummy earlier this month – but the latest shots show Paris in a floaty dress with a definite bulge.

And just this week, the hotel heiress has revealed that she’s promised her future father-in-law that she’ll get preggers.

While she very may well be with child, kudos to Paris for the fake bump.

Who’s Sporting A Bump [Sky Showbiz]

(Image via Exclusive Fashion)

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. ERIN

    I saw this on another blog already/ it’s just the wind up her dress thats all, sorry no baby

  2. janeece8

    I think she is probably prego, or will be soon…but this “bump” is her idea of a joke.

  3. Maria

    Oh geez! Is there anything this bitch won’t do for attention?!?

  4. lala

    Maria is right, but then again she IS famouse over, uh…..NOTHING!! So she needs to keep her name out there or soon she’ll go back to….. What does she do anyway?
    Oh yeah, faking like she’s pregnanat and losing her dog.
    By the way would it not be fasinating to have a mini paris running around to piss people off? Her and madona’s kid could compete on who has more cedit cards!

  5. Nia

    She is just plain sick! Can you imagine, spending every moment of your life trying to get attention from people? And little teens think this is self confidence! haha! Sick I tell ya!

  6. bethany

    Please. Paris’ boobs would have gotten at least a smidgen bigger than THAT! Trust me.

  7. talia

    What a stupid, spoiled bitch!

  8. Maria

    Nia, you are correct. She is a sick individual. She just lives for attention. Look at her silly little grin in this photo. Kind of reminds me of the ‘poor me’ pout in the photos of her bruises supposedly caused by Nick Carter. Talk about an attention whore! If she was beaten up by Nick Carter, wouldn’t she have hidden the bruises out of embarrassment? I would have! (this is not the same as not getting help, but who wants to advertise their misfortunes like that?) If photographers would ignore her, maybe she would go away. Sick bitch!

  9. sam

    You people are just jealous because she is happier, prettier, and richer than most of you. People who have nothing better to do but rag on the people who are the kind that really need to go out to a club or meet some people that way your only friend won’t be some 40 year old pen pal from Bulgaria. I’m truly sorry for you because you’re jealous of her and us successful ( rich) people in life and in the words of Paris but in a twisted way that’s not hot.

  10. Verity

    Hahaha – brilliant. Paris 1 – Press 0.

    I dont think theres many people that handle the paps better than Paris.

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