The Paris Hilton/Lindsay Lohan Jessica Simpson Email

February 25th, 2005 // 59 Comments

This item was sent in from a reader who has done his homework! Thanks Matt.


Saw her in bathroom w. 6 girls wiping her nose I was in shock and my driver told doc my bodyguard that she was asking for it when she was here 2 months ago! I was lioke no, he was like yes she was and then I saw her and nick fighting and he was looking up her nose and she came out b4 the other girls that she was w.

On Mon, 3 Jan 2005 12:40 am, Paris Hilton wrote:
>How do u know?
-god bless

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Now I did some research for this,

The email was dated Jan 2 and she talks about the shoreclub.

The Shoreclub is in Miami.

The email is dated 2 Jan.

This article states:

Lindsay Lohan is in demand over New Year’s Eve. She has commitments at different ends of the United States within hours of each other.

The ubiquitous Mean Girls actress, 18, who was recently hospitalised for exhaustion, has agreed to host a party at South Beach’s Opium Garden in California with Jessica Alba – as well as perform on MTV’s Total Request Live late on December 31 in New York city.

It is then believed Lohan will fly to Miami, Florida in a private jet.

A source says: “She will have to get through all the New Year traffic to Teterboro (Airport), fly to Miami and then drive from the airport.

“I don’t know what she is thinking. No way she’ll make it to that club before 4am.”

I did more snooping, they were definetly in Florida.


December 31, 2004. Jessica Simpson spends the last day of 2004 In Ft. Lauderdale Florida with her husband Nick at the Opening Party for “Pangaea” at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino on the Seminole Way.



New Year’s morning action in Miami shifted to the Star Island home of rapper, fashion designer and party planner Sean Combs, aka P. Diddy. Sources say his party got kicking at 6 a.m. Saturday with many celebs, including: Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson, Paris Hilton, Dark Angel’s Jessica Alba, That ’70s Show’s Wilmer Valderrama and Desperate Housewives’ Eva Longoria (who, I’m told, paired up with ‘N Sync-er J.C. Chasez).

The soiree obviously was worth skipping some shut-eye. A spywitness saw starlet Lindsay Lohan, a mere age 18, stumbling into her room at Miami Beach’s Shore Club by the last stroke of 7 a.m

the attatched file (paris) was taken two days before the date of the e-mail. (See photo at top of post.

so we now know that paris, jessica and lohan were all in miami the date of the e-mail we also know that lohan was staying at the shoreclub during that period of time, and that all three of them had been at p diddy’s party so it doesn’t really stretch it much to assume that jessica was at the shoreclub as well, which would make these e-mails quite consistent with what happened, and considering it took me nearly 4 hours to find all this information it would be very unlikely it was a hoax plus they were found at which was one of the first websites to get ahold of the hacked information, so they were untouched.

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. TUP

    You know that saying about Blow, “It’s the Rich-Man’s drug”
    …well, it’s also for a Rich WoMAN!

  2. Nette

    Well that little Hoover… I thought the hussy was thin because she didn’t eat… I would have never guessed that her bible-thumpin’ boney ass was all about the yeyo….

    Huh. “Learn” something new everyday.

  3. GB

    Huh, she said she was exercising more and that’s why she’s getting thinner.
    I guess sniffing counts as exercise.

  4. mediaphyter

    OK, I’m the biggest nerd ever, but I watched “Newlyweds” the other night and the whole show was on Jessica and Nick spending NYE in Miami with some friends. Soooo…


  5. saint

    Papa Joe don’t preach. Ashley must feel really stupid. Slappers like Paris and Lindsay devise schemes to bring her down by saying she does coke. Wasn’t she already brought down for lip synching.

  6. Nic

    Thought hypocritcal blonde bitch prentending she is all holy than now but really she is a crack whore. I hope this whole saga exposes her as the fake she is – the blow might explain was she is sooo dumb, bet Joe is her dealer. That family is screwed up royally

  7. vidi

    Can’t believe her. She hides behing that pure SOuthern Belle BS and she is gettin into the blow. Yet another one bites or snorts the dust!

  8. Morgan

    This is fuckin ridiculous. theres no way in hell that jessica simpson does coke. she is not like that at all. this is complete bullshit and if you really believe this youre pretty damn dumb

  9. ruthie

    Jeez Morgan, play nice.

    I always thought Jessica sucked, nice to know she blows too.


  10. Krista

    Who gives a crap what any of them do, regardless if Jessica does coke or not she is still the hottest biatch out there. Let her live!

  11. jessica fan

    yup-she’s the hottest bitch out there. honestly, you people view lindsay lohan as a credible source? her stuff was stolen anyhow. It could easily be a fake message and not even lindsay. jessica may well do coke, but this is no proof whatsoever. and who care?

  12. KELLI


  13. Hahah coke snorting whore.

  14. Nina

    Let’s all face reality here. Cocaine is God’s way of saying — you’re making too much money. And we all know that Jessica Simpson is a trend whore, will do anything Hollywood presents as the new “it” thing to do.

    Coke is the new ‘it’ thing. It’s highly addictive. It makes you thin. You need mega cash to do it. Etc, etc, etc.

    Mary Kate, obviously. And — surprise! Your favorite OC girl, Mischa Barton. A friend of mine is best friends with Brandon Davis. And yes, Mischa is the biggest coke head ever.

    I don’t find it unbelievable or ‘something Jessica wouldn’t do’. Let’s face it. Money’s nice to have, and if you have to put up a facade to make it, so be it.

    Jessica Simpson is shallow, believe me. Hollywood is shallow, point blank.

  15. Paris Nicole Brown

    My daughter is 7 years old. Her birth name is Paris Nicole Brown and she is a fan of yours and she is very cute. She wants to know if she can appear on your show and maybe you can call the show Paris and Nicole meets Paris Nicole? Can you make this dream come true for her?

  16. cort

    hi lindsay lohan! i luv ur movies i have tones of them like freeky friday, parent trip, and confession of a teenage drama queen. they are all so good well gtg bye

  17. alyssa

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  18. Eda

    Hi my name is Eda is not my proper name but i don’t like my real name when i am older i know i’m gonna be a star*Ican feel it in my bones i go to a drama school , just sometimes i wonder what its like to be a star i bet its better than the life i have, everyone bullies me all the time at school, i would say i wanted to me you but why would you want to see me!I just want to know i can talk to someone please Lindsay!Oh and think your very brave :)Lv Eda xxxxxxx

  19. Cynthia

    Who the hell are all these morons trying to get in touch with Lindsay and Paris, etc.?!? fucking idiots!

  20. Eda

    Sorry Cynthia but some of us like to talk to people like them and i think you might wanna to talk to them i mean how the hell did u get this website obiously you don”t have anything to do because you wouldn’t be bossin us about sorry if this comes hard but you need to get a life, Darlin ,

    Love Eda xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  21. Steph

    Oh Lord….who cares!!! No one has proof of anything…they are all guilty nor innocent in my eyes…these days you cant believe anything you hear, read or even THINK you see…people talk so much shit and hate so much..maybe if half of you spent as much time worrying about your own lives as you do theirs, you could be making as much as they do and living a better life instead of stalking and picking apart every detail from behind your PC’s. Bless all of them, theyre just kids growing up in a fucked up world like most of us are.

    Give them a break, Jesus.

  22. Susanne Simone


    You are a slut. You are a PK, but you surely don’t act like one. Your husband is a better performer than you are. You murdered God Bless America, you must have Botox in yourlips as they are so big. If I didn’t know better I’d soy you were black the way you murder the song. YOur Father surely doens’ act like a preacher either.

  23. chiccy babe

    ok im not really a fan of jessica but she has copied nearly all of the oldies songs except for “with you” ok so could anyone tell me any other songs she HASN’T copied off thankcs duderinis

  24. chiccy babe

    omg omg omg omg oh my gawwwwwwww u fugly slut yeh sure shes not the best performer but no need to diss her i mean come on im not a big fan but come on she has a better life than you’ll ever have she actually out there making herself a better person she has a great bod meaning in everybody would luv 2 have a bod lyk her i hink u r just jelous i have 4 words 4 u GET OVA YOURSELF oh just so u know this was 2 susanne simone slut

  25. smart


  26. jennifer

    i am a huge fan of jessica i love you jennifer

  27. April

    Hey girl what’s up? Anyways I wouldnt listen to those other people putting you down in pappers and in magazins…I was hoping to have your e-mail addy just to talk not to say”o my god its her and you can’t talk to her!!” lol anyways hope you live your life the way you wanna!!

  28. oi eu amo a lindsay lohan e eu acho hillary duff muito puta eu odeio a duff e amo a lindsay eu queria ter um contato com ela ta beijos amo vocÊs bianka costa

  29. sxc chick

    wat the fuck r ppl trying 2 prove obviously ppl r just trying 2 b cool by saying she sux and say that every1 has 2 have the same bod or they want the same as her but i dont
    coz i like me for me and i dont wanna try and b sumthing that im not so i have 1 thing 2 say 2 girls that r preasured
    4get it if u think ur not worth living think 2 urself well i mean if i wasnt here who would replace no1 ever could replace u coz u r perfect and beautiful in ur own way so thats all
    p.s if any1 wants 2 say sumthing mean or nice about wat i just said say so don’t b scared or if u have msn go 2 ok bye

  30. chiccy babe

    i have something to say to sxc chick what are you tryinbg to prove i mean people dont like their weight so they just compare themselves to others god wtf is your problem i mean she could be like so famous that you guys wouldnt even realise people should just get their own lives and stop living through somebody elses just belive in yourself ok dont listen to sxc chick no girl is ever going to be beautiful in their own way god girls just get lipo dont diet look just LIPO LIPO LIPO and im not a fake

  31. sxc chick

    why would you say something like that? girls are trying to be something that their not, so they get lipo, girls chiccy babe is just trying to presure you sont ever listen to people who say you are not ever going to be beautiful enough thats just bull shit how could you ever say that i mean yeah she has a great body but i wouldn’t want it, coz i am happy for who i am don’t ever get lipo its so not worth it and chiccy babe how could you ever say that you don’t just change yourself so you can get a boyfriend coz if guys want you coz your skinny guys are just shallow i have a boyfriend and im not pretty but he wanted me coz he said i have a great personality and that makes both of us happy so we are a great couple its not worth changing yourself

  32. Georgia watts

    i love paris hilton im your biggest fan if u read this please please please email me back at my addy i live in new zealand and have been to america once im 12 yrs old

  33. lalalalalala

    Ok well I just wanna so I really wanna see dukes of hazard i reckon that jessica simpson would be a better actress than a singer coz of the trailer i was so inspired by her talent anybody else who feels like this plz reply thx guys

  34. lalalalalala

    Well guys guess what? I saw DUKES OF HAZZARD! it was so good it inspired me to do acting myself and and the stunts were AWESOME! But agree with me or not has any1 felt like they just act and pretend they were in movies? I do now I go into my room and act and make up characters in the movies that are my fave that never even existed. So if anyone does the same please wright back coz I feel like crying that I want to be an actress so much so please don’t be afraid. Thx Jessica and seann and Johnny you have showed me what I really want to do and I’m so excited that I know I’m gonna be an actress when I’m older, oh and seann and Johnny you guys are AWESOME AND SOOOOOOOOO HOT ok bye

  35. victoria

    paris hilton is not bad ya she does sex tape who cares, does mean she bad she like my idol i am not going to do sex tapes lol but anyways ya she not bad just love her the way she is LOVE YOU PARIS HILTON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(kiss)(kiss)

  36. Marlena

    Heyyy girlzzz
    email me back.. and we’ll keep on

  37. zoom3rd

    How does a “normal”, great guy like me get to meet Jessica Simpson? . . . I would do everything and anything to meet this incredible lady!

  38. starspit18

    Just have to add in here: I am a young mom of a 14 month old and a PK myself. I think that Jessica is giving “Christian” a bad name. How can her dad even have to audasity to say he used to be a baptist pastor? COME ON! No wonder why people are so turned off by “Christianity”….Jessica, don’t pretend to be something your not. Divorce is something God strongly hates and I think you are wrong for trading your soul for the things of this world. Hollywood has definatley got a hold of you sister. And as for your dad, I think hes done the same. Traded his ministry to manage you…. For you to cuss up a storm, dress unmodestly and act like a pagen, its pathetic. GOD is keeping good accounts of what we all do down here, and I hope you hit rock bottom one day and God gets your attention. If you were truly a Christian to begin with, he won’t let you continue living like you do and get away with it. Trust me… So, as beauitful as you may be outwardly, I think your heart is bitter and you actions don’t match up with your “name”. ………..

  39. Melissa

    Jessica Please help me I’m 20 years old and I have the worst acne in the world. I have scars all over my chest and face.I never ever wore a revealing shirt in my life only t-shirts. I have tried everything from accutane, to pro-active and nothing works.I’m going to school to be a Medical Assistant and i just can’t look like this. If there is anythiing you can do to help me that would be the only wish i would ever ask anyone to do for me. I think It would complete my life.

  40. hoby

    When I was wandering down the street I was thinking about all this and I farted.

  41. Jessica Simpson

    Hey everybody
    I wanna thank all of the people who like what I do I have to make this quick ok cause I’m leaving in like 2mins for an interview (YAY) ok lalalalala I love you I hope your dream comes true an anybody else who wants to become a singer or an actor or whatever good luck it’s not that hard to just go out there and do whatever you want to do so everybody follow your dreams and listen to your heart cause whatever you want to do you can do
    luV FrOm JeSsIcA MwA mWa

  42. hannah

    i just wanted to say that lindsay lohan paris hilton and jessica simpson r the most wonderful ladies i have every seen!

    u rox girls!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. mell

    hey does any one know paris hiltons email address??
    I would like to get it for my boyfriend because it is our anniversary & he really would like to talk to paris so i thought if i could find it be for that day it would be great!! please email me back if you know it on
    greatly appriciated

  44. ali

    Im sorry but Jessica Simpson is an absolute slut. She is really fake, her tan, her hair and her disgusting black eyes! In her film clip she looks horrible.

  45. britt

    hey my name is brittney and i was just wondering wat the hell jessica simpson is better then all of them in hollywood oh and jessica alba ok well bibi

  46. britt

    hey my name is britt and i just wanted to say hey to aimee ryan sharna cazzy and all my other friends cant wait to see u again jessica simpson your the bomb girl well g2g luv ya all britt

  47. lily

    I love yo uparis……

  48. monique

    hi wats up im a big fan love ya lots

  49. Cynthia

    To: Jessica Simpson


    Jessica, I am one of your fans living in California. I was shocked to hear about Nick and you. I truly believe that you should try and work things out with him. I read articles that say that Nick still loves you. Marriage is a lifetime commitment that should not be broken. You and Nick shared something special, you can’t just let him go. Think about what made you fall in love with him, and you will see, that you had a good thing. Don’t get a divorce, that’s what losers do, because they don’t want to work for something which at some moment in there life was so important. I think you gave up to soon, you guys still have time to save your marriage. Don’t let the outside world get in the way. If you really love him, dont give up, and don’t let your pride blind you. God teaches you to forgive, so why can’t you?

    Love Cynthia

  50. Darren

    You are the hottest girl and the sexiest

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