The Paparazzi Are Getting Really Indignant Lately…

April 23rd, 2007 // 6 Comments


Scarjo was trying to make her way into the afterparty post-”SNL” appearance the other night, and some brilliant and honeytongued pap thought maybe referring to her as “bitch” would help get her to pose. For real?

Photogs went wild trying to get a shot of Johansson heading into an SNL afterparty at McCormick & Schmick’s late Saturday night in New York. When the stacked starlet tried to brush by the crowd, one cameraman started shouting “don’t be a bitch! Bitch! Bitch!”

HAH! Jesus H. She should have kicked him square in the nuts. Then hit him over the head with his Nikon. And then kept the Nikon and sold it on EBay. You can rest assured it would have been funnier than anything on “SNL”.

By J. Harvey

  1. indoorvoice

    calling her a bitch is just too easy. I’d like to see the paparazzi get a little more creative with their insults. Or better yet, maybe they could offer up some acting tips? That would be constructive.

  2. Amanda

    And then you bought the jerkoff’s photo and posted it! Nice work!

  3. AH

    If someone called my gf a bitch, I’d beat the shit out of him. The problem that these celebrities have is that if they do it then every friggin blog is going to blame the celeb and praise the paps.

  4. Juju

    She should have had the guy arrested. Yup, it’s a crime.

  5. Shasta

    Well, she probably is one.

  6. eat_your_make_up

    why dont they call ‘bitch’ to people like paris, lindsay, tara, nicole, kimbo stewart… just because they love to have their photo taken and that has a name that that pap just screamed to the WRONG person

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