The Ongoing Tale Of Jude Law And Sienna Miller

Yes, this is getting quite old. I’m thinking that the pair has decided that their fucking around on one other kind cancels each other out. They now both have a clean slate.

This week’s public reunion occurred over lunch at the London restaurant Raoul’s – near Law’s home in the Maida Vale section of town – though there was a third wheel at the table: Sienna’s mom, Josephine. ??From the rendezvous at Raoul’s, Miller and Law went on to the private Groucho Club in London’s Soho, before heading to the nearby Gerry’s for a late-night drink, reports the Evening Standard. The Daily Mail said the two headed home shortly before dawn. ??While reports say that Miller showed up at Raoul’s looking delighted, the normally glum-looking Law also was beaming in a snapshot of the pair on the town Thursday.

Here’s hoping that he can keep his willy in his pants, and she can keep her legs crossed. Good luck to them both.

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