The Olsen Twins Really Love Fur

February 8th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Once again Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were encased in fur. They two little furbies were in the front row at the Jenni Kayne show, looking as frightened and frail as ever. They were there to support Jenni, who they are friends with, and judging from the reviews of the show, Jenni could have used all the support she could get.

Judging by what she’s done for Fall ’07, it’s hard to understand why she bothered with the expense and trouble of showing in New York. The dresses, all in either black or white, were remarkably unremarkable. She did some cute high-waisted miniskirts that one would expect to see at any Club Monaco or Banana Republic. However, there were several incredibly cute shrunken black patent leather jackets – one in a cute ’60s-tent-like silhouette, replete with wide collar and three-quarter sleeves, which was especially fun. The rest, however, was so boring as to be inoffensive – except for the wedge-heeled ankle boots in patent leather. Those are a complete non-starter.


By Jessica Marx

  1. So they wear fur. Are you a vegan, if not your on the same level as them morally. They look cute. Their is nothing wrong with wearing fur, stop jumping on the crazy peta bandwagon. Plus no one kills more animals than peta.

  2. Green Eyed Angel

    There’s a big difference between killing animals for substanance and killing them to drape over your neck for couture.

  3. ametro

    They look so great.. s&*) up

  4. HZ

    I was drawn to this site from hearing about your aversion to furhags. Thanks for bringing this aggregious atrocity to the masses. I’m sure if the more ignorant commentators here saw animals being skinned alive and then tossed on top of one another, wriggling, crying, and suffering, they might agree with you that there’s perhaps something wrong with wearing fur. — watch it before you continue endorsing wearing fur, and think about how these “stars” can only be seen in the same outfit once…so much suffering for their few hours of vanity.

  5. peter

    Egregious, your spelling is!


  6. summer polen

    They need to stop wearing fur. Get fake fur!!

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