‘The Notebook’ Made Channing Tatum Cry ‘100 Times’

GI Joe tough man Channing Tatum is currently staring in Dear John, based on a Nicholas Sparks’ novel. When asked about the most popular film based on the author’s work Tatum confessed “I think I’ve cried 100 times at The Notebook.” Really? Oh wait, wait “I mean my wife cries,” corrected the doting husband “makes me cry every time.” Yeah right. Just hearing “It wasn’t over. It still isn’t over” is enough for me. If this movie doesn’t make you cry you need a soul check.

The actor says that after they watch the movie wife Jenna Dewan “makes me promise that we’re going to die together in bed and I’m like,’That’s weird, I don’t want to talk about that’.”

Tatum is going a different route with his next movie. He’s currently filming thriller Son of No One with Kate Holmes. Here they are filming in Queens yesterday. How much would it suck to pretend to be married to Channing all day and then come home?