The New York Post Remembers 2005

What a year 2005 was. So many good memories, and the New York Post serves them up hot and steaming. We picked five of our favorite moments from their 75.

4. Pat O’Brien’s voice mail messages: “You are so f—ing hot.” Enough said. “I wanna go f—ing crazy with you.” No, really, enough said.

14. The Runaway Bride’s mug shot: AAAAGGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!

37. Saddam Hussein: boxers or briefs? The question the world didn’t need to ask was posed and answered – Saddam needs to do a Sears run.

63. The Harriet Miers makeunder: What really sunk her nomination. How can she decide Constitutional law when she can’t even apply eye liner?

75. Successorexia: Lindsay Lohan and Nicole Richie turned celeb magazines into Gray’s Anatomy. Count the ribs!

75 things to love about 2005 [NYP]