The National Enquirer Is Finally Wrong (We Hope)

Tabloid fodder, I’ll say. “‘007’ hunk Daniel Craig shared a steamy kiss with a smoking-hot guy in the parking lot of a gay bar,” the National Enquirer declared. 

Not so much. 

According to Gossip Cop, while Craig was at Roosterfish (a gay bar in Venice, CA) with some gay friends a week and a half ago, he was not sucking face with another man.  There was no shame in Craig’s game, as he was friendly and gracious to approaching fans at the bar.  Craig, who is in a long-term relationship with Satsuki Mitchell (the two took a stroll on May 3rd in NYC) and has a daughter from a previous marriage, was simply hanging out with his buddies.  Nice try, Enquirer.  Mickey Mouse college graduates.

Remember when I reluctantly gave credit to The Enquirer for Tiger Woods, John Edwards and Mat Lauer?  I gladly take it back.