The Nation Is Going To Sh*t

September 30th, 2010 // 3 Comments

I don’t know if I have the patience for this.

The Naked Cowboy of Times Square, also known to his mother as Robert John Burck, has “officially” declared his run for President Of The United States Of America.  I’m about to cry.  I’m about to weep like a child, then pack my bags and move to Canada.  I see that country in a whole new light since the Olympics.  They’re a little weird, but the US is just pushing me to my limit and I don’t know how much more I can take.

TMZ caught up with Nakie Cowboy to talk about his platform, his shorter ‘do and the fact that HE STROLLS AROUND NEW YORK CITY IN HIS F******** UNDERWEAR.  Burck claims to have a very conservative policy and babbles on about a whole lot of nonsense that no one cares about. 

Burck unsuccessfully ran for Mayor of New York City last, but now he’s totally serious about ruling this great nation from the Oval office.  Clothing optional.

By Kelly Lynch

  1. JBrown

    An American is calling Canada “a little weird”? Wow, there is a citizen that needs to look at how the rest of the world preceives the USA.

  2. Mel

    hahaha I love it the sad part is he’d prob get elected. Look at this President we have now, the only reason he got is is because people thought he was “cool”, “hip”, and was friends of the stars. With NO experience. So why not give the cowboy a try I’m sure he couldn’t make it any worse that it already is. LOL!!

  3. Cecilia

    Jbrown, well put!

    A little ignorant about how Americans are percieved I see!

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