The Natasha Lyonne Diaries

April 24th, 2006 // 8 Comments

Lets just say that the Natasha Lyonne (who is currently in a Miami rehab clinic) diaries are nothing like The Nanny Diaries. Natasha Lyonne has been one troubled woman for a long time. The diaries which were found last year in dumpster near her apartment after her eviction, are nearly a decade old, and aren’t the musings of your everyday teenager.

A bundle of diaries by troubled actress Natasha Lyonne paint a disturbing picture of the once promising actress’ long downward spiral.

The journals – which were then acquired by David Hans Schmidt, a broker of lurid celebrity memorabilia, including the contents of Paris Hilton‘s storage locker and the Colin Farrell sex tape – were shown to the Daily News.

They feature streams of pseudo-intellectual gibberish in wildly varied handwriting. The entries are interspersed with sketches, many of which seem to be of Lyonne. The overall portrait that emerges is of an intelligent but highly insecure young woman who is ill at ease with her life in the limelight.

“Sometimes I feel that I’m just too strong, too bold to cohabit this planet,” reads one passage from 1997. “My loss would be a weight off so many shoulders.”

Even as Lyonne’s film career was blossoming, she chronicled the insecurity that apparently drove her to dangerous excess. “They all say to just be myself,” she wrote in 1997. “They don’t know I am no one. I wonder if I’ll ever really kill myself. I know I will, but at this rate…”

Lyonne often expresses disappointment and even scorn for a parade of friends that, she wrote, “come in and out of my life. People who once thought they loved me won’t return my calls, find me offensive, will love to watch me fall.”

Let’s hope this woman is getting all the help that she obviously desperately needs.

A life crumbling in diaries from ‘Amer. Pie’ star [Daily Dish]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. libby

    lindsay lohan in 5 years or less…

  2. libby

    faces of coke.

  3. King Smart Ian

    She’s the daughter Margot Kidder never knew she had

  4. C

    Poor chick. Tom Cruise should stage an intervention.

  5. petergabrielfan

    This is a sad story. She is an excellent actress when she is clean.

  6. Kelly

    It’s a shame. I mean,damn, publishing these poor woman’s thoughts will surely send her off the deep end. This world is a hellhole.

  7. Amber

    Call me crazy, but posting passages from her personal diary probably isn’t the best way to “wish her well” and “hope she gets help”

  8. William Slake

    She’s so pretty in that picture. No wonder she went into show business.

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