The Mysterious Death of Daniel Smith Continues to Unravel

In an update from TMZ, it appears Daniel Smith was already dead by the time he was discovered in his mother’s hospital room:

Sources connected to the investigation also say any allegations of negligence on the hospital’s part are unfounded. There was no shortage of oxygen, as had been previously reported. There was no blood or vomit in the room either and we’re told no drugs or alcohol were found in the room. Sources say, however, Daniel’s airplane flight to the Bahamas may provide a critical clue as to the possible cause of his death. TMZ has learned that personnel on board the flight are being interviewed by police and there are rumblings that alcohol on board the aircraft may have been a factor. Sources indicate Daniel went directly to the hospital where his mother was as soon as he landed at the airport.

Additionally, People magazine reports that Howard K. Stern–Anna’s lawyer and confidante–was the other person in the room with Anna at the time of Daniel’s death. Smith had to be sedated after the shock of her son’s death, which has had the unfortunate result of memory loss. This also means that Anna had to be told a second time that her son had passed.

I never thought I’d ever say this, but poor Anna.