The Most Ridicul-Ass Jeans In The World

November 23rd, 2005 // 4 Comments

I’m assuming it’s the jean for those who want to make sure there is easy access to the booty?

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. mutterhals

    Oh lord, those pants are super gay, although the dude modeling them has a super hot ass and body. Terrible mustache though.

  2. churchboy

    The jeans are actually hot in a 90′s porn-trash-glam sorta way…they should just make sure they sell them to guys that have an ass like that guy only..YUM!
    And by the way the moustache seems fake…the poor dude didn’t want to be recognized I guess.
    Someone knows where to find those jeans? (yes I do have a bum like his!:))

  3. King Smart Ian

    Do these come in a 42 waist?

  4. those jeans are called Rufskin Denim.
    they are designed by a couple of friends of mine here in san diego.
    yes, they’re slutty, yes they provide seemingly easy access to the bootie, but they also give guys’ butts a lift. especially if you’re someone who is lacking a little in the butt area (not me of course). the jeans–they have many styles– are designed to make your butt look better, firmer, nicer–they actually GIVE you a butt if you don’t have one. check them out dudes!

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