The Most Beautiful Woman In The World Was In Iraq

August 29th, 2007 // 31 Comments

“What’s this craggy bitch goin’ on about?” I’m playin’. God, I love that sky-blue Princess Leia vest she’s rockin’. Where can I get that for my next humanitarian mission? Man, mention Angie is trying to do something good and claws pop out and people start hissing like a deflating tire or a neon sign. It’s not like she’s trying to bring anorexia to a war-torn nation! She’s not gonna just stay at home in New Orleans in a burka! This bitch is busy! She’s in NYC! She’s filming in Chicago! She’s in Syria! She’s not holding a lit cigarette near her child’s face and then exchanging him for a margarita and a wig. And I don’t see Aniston’s ass over there! She’s too busy trying to sell me 50 Cent’s water!

Angelina Jolie wrapped up a two-day trip to Syria and Iraq Tuesday in her role as a Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees. Jolie took this trip to witness the hundreds of thousands of families uprooted by the war in Iraq and to visit with US soldiers.

A source close to Jolie told Huffington Post, “It’s been in the works for about six months. She spent a lot of time being briefed by experts. She met with a large number of experts on Syria, Iraq, the refuge crisis and other issues in preparation for the trip.” The source added, “She considered her time with American troops to be one of the most important parts of the trip.”

Yeah, this ain’t no Hanoi Jane mess! Keep reading for how one American soldier got the thrill of his young life.

More photos of Angelina Jolie visiting refugees in Iraq are after the jump.

OK! magazine got a pic of a young soldier who got to pose with The Most Beautiful Woman In The World. He’s reported to be in good condition with a 75% chance of awakening from his love coma.

In this exclusive shot, Angie poses with Denver native Lance Corporal Samuel Petersen, 22, of the US Marine Corps. The photo was taken today at Camp Waleed in Iraq, near the Waleed refugee camp that Angelina visited this morning. According to Petersen’s mother Sue tells OK! that the Marines at this camp are training the Iraqi police how to do border patrol.

Back in Denver, he’s gonna be known as “the dude who touched Angelina Jolie”. That’s way better than skiing the K-12.


By J. Harvey

  1. jesse d

    I love you J.

  2. Zekers

    As stated in earlier posts, it gives her attention BUT it does bring attention to the plight of these people so, I for one, am not going to slam her for it. It’s true, people aren’t exactly lining up to expose plights in third world by personally going there.

    J., maybe you should get out in the world more because there are women far more beautiful than Jolie…and did Aniston refuse to sign your t-shirt or something? You seem to have it in for her…?

  3. Look at that face! She should get an oscar for pasting on the “This is my concerned, caring” face!

  4. Ana

    For whatever reason she does it (and who was the cynic who that said that all philanthropy is selfish because it makes you feel good? Remember they did a Friends< ?I> episode on it?), she does it. She may have a messed up private life, bu whatever else goes on, she has consistently gone on these not always safe missions. You don’t see a lot of other people, famous or not, doing it. You have to give her that.

  5. Ana

    Oops! I meant to say that regardless of why, at least she does it. And she’s been doing this type of thing for years. Famous or not, not that many people make this kind of effort.

  6. I get so sick of people criticizing her. She really is trying to do some good.

  7. Angietothemax

    OMG! Where does this woman find the time?! One day she’s in NYC the next day she’s in Iraq and already back with her family. I’d be a nutcase by now! My hats off to her. I don’t know how she does it but she is AMAZING!

  8. T-Bone

    Well – she’s consistent — I’ll give her that. She made the decision to fight for refugees and she hasn’t backed down. Better than jumping on a bandwagon cause and quitting it after 5 months.

    Hopefully, she’s giving her own kids enough time, stability and consistency, because they’re going to need it.

  9. Yeah…T-Bone & Ana, agreed.

    I burns my arse that it took over three years for her to get it, but at least there will be more press on the sit. now.

    Maybe someone can put a bug in her ear to help the wounded solders returned to the US to become civilians with no military aid. Solders that can’t provide for their families and that are drowning in medical bills….

    Grrr…of my soap box.

  10. sexyback

    Omigod… “She’s not holding a lit cigarette near her child’s face and then exchanging him for a margarita and a wig.”

    I love it.

    And for all you naysayers, just remember that she’s at least more sincere than Bono.

  11. Maria

    J. Anyone who can make a “Better Off Dead” reference so well is my hero! You rock, you’re hilarious. Thanks for being better than most.

  12. S_M_G

    Love you J! And great comment about Bono sexyback! He thinks he is higher than thou and it bugs me!

  13. S_M_G

    Oh and Zekers, I’ve never met or seen anyone more beautiful than Angelina and I do travel a lot :-)

  14. Clementines

    Now that Angelina has warmed up the people to listen and learn of what they need and want, and graciously visited the troops.. lamebrain Katie Couric is going there too, and find a whole different world with much misery and hate.. Big whoop of bravery for Mz Newslady, haha.

  15. Zekers

    hmmm…eye of the beholder, I guess, ‘eh S_M_G?

  16. T-Bone

    Excuse me, “lame brain Katy Couric”????? She hosted the Today show for 15 years, reported for CNN, has interviewed almost every important figure in the world, is one of ONLY THREE permanent anchors for CBS (the others, Walter Cronkite and Dan Rather), cofounded a cancer research organization, and a whole lot more, and you compare her to Angelina Jolie and call KATY lame?

  17. Zekers,
    “hmmm…eye of the beholder”

    Indeed! I think back in the day (which was a Wednesday=D) she was hot, in an exotic/non-traditional way, but now, oooooh, not so much!

  18. Zekers

    Back when she did Gia…I thought she was absolutely gorgeous Clarisse, but time is not her friend as far as I can see.

    …and really T-Bone, apples and oranges, I didn’t get that comparison either, it doesn’t make sense especially since their missions (in life and work) vary greatly…

  19. T-Bone

    Zekers – I guess according some people out here, all things pale in comparison to Angelina Jolie’s beauty. There’s no realization that while old Angie has played a news anchor on film, KATY actually anchors every single day of her life — for real. Whether you like Katy or not, she has broken down barriers for women in broadcasting.
    So give both credit where credit is due.

  20. Zekers

    …and she raised her kids as a single mom for most of their lives while becoming the first woman anchor! Truthfully T-Bone, Katy annoys the shit out of me sometimes, though I do watch her and like her format. She is a pioneer and deserves respect. She made it in a man’s world…

  21. Miss Brown Eyes

    *sniffs the air* I smell a “starring Angelina Jolie” movie and I need a new outlet for plugging it” in the air… reeks with patheticness

  22. ed the axe

    Can I just jump in here and say that for the good she does, she’s not doing much for herself and i think she’s paying the price, I seen pics of her skinny, but the cover of life&style was ridiculous, she’s sick and she need to stop trying to save the world and save herself

  23. ed the axe

    Can I just jump in here and say that for the good she does, she’s not doing much for herself and i think she’s paying the price, I seen pics of her skinny, but the cover of life&style was ridiculous, she’s sick and she need to stop trying to save the world and save herself

  24. Angietothemax

    Even though she has lost the weight she is still beautiful. She beautiful inside and out and it just shines through. I remember one person who met her and said that when she was around her everything just felt “clean”. Like she felt her aura or something. I just think she’s an example of how far you can come when you can get out of your own way and find your passion and purpose.

  25. LadyLark

    Hey ed the axe, i just got the new life and style and your exhaggerating, it’s just a bad picture, and if you look again, the main pic on the cover is her beautiful face, bad pics happen sometimes, even to celebrities

  26. Notanattentionwhore

    Gimme a break people!
    Do any of you even have kids!? This woman spends less than half the time a real mother does with her children, single or not. She’s always so busy trying to keep her name in the news. If she’s not trying to get publicity by doing her “humanitarian” work, it’s by bringing up the tired old subject of what an nasty old homewrecking whore she is. Who cares?! I can’t believe the naievete of the people who worship this ana junkie–her kids are being raised by nannies just like almost every other celebrity.

  27. T-Bone

    Angietothemax – what you wrote about people seeing auras and feeling “clean” around Angie, puts her in a messiah position. This is exactly the type of thing that disgusts people. NO ONE should worship another human being to this extent. It’s cult-like. It’s fine to appreciate someone’s beauty or someone’s good works, but this kind of worship (of an entertainer, no less) seems borderline obsessive.

  28. nastybugger

    while I do appreciate the work she does for humanitarian causes, let’s remember that there are THOUSANDS of people who do that same work on a DAILY basis, and don’t go home the next day to their wonderful life in hollywood.

    let’s praise THOSE people, ok?

  29. ahmed h.

    i respect the visiting of an. joly but what she make for people there what the helping she offer i hope in the future who visit this country at less give some help for people dieing there every day

  30. Armani Bennardu

    Angelina is a great actress/humanitarian and ambassador of goodwill but physically speaking the most beautiful woman in the world is model Beaulatasha.

  31. acel

    hi!!!! angelina i’m so proud that you’re beautiful inside and out. hope that you continue to serve other people, being a channel of blessing to the needy. God bless you. take care!!!!!

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