The Most Beautiful Woman In The World To Live Her Life, Write Country Song

May 22nd, 2007 // 36 Comments

Angelina isn’t bothered by the paps or critics or any of you peeps on the comment boards who hate her ass. In an upcoming interview with NBC, she declares that she’s going to live her life. And she works hard for the money. And her boyfriend better think twice about cheating again. Grew up in a small town, and when the rain would fall down, I would just stare out my window. Wondering what could be, and if I’d end up happy. So I’ll break. I’ll just BREAK-A-WAY! I’LL SPREAD MY WINGS AND I’LL LEARN HOW TO- sorry. She says:

“There’s nothing I have to hide or defend…you know, I’m gonna live my life. And there are gonna be times when people wanna try to attack me and I don’t know why, but they will. And that’s okay….There are other things I’m more concerned about…My kids are healthy. I have a lot I want to do in this world…I’m gonna be dead one day. And what people say about me is gonna be what I accomplished and what I did in my life and how my children are.”

I woulda hid the kissing your brother thing, but that’s just me. Go on wit’ your bad self, Angie.


More photos of Brangelina from the Cannes premiere of “A Mighty Heart” (you asked for more) after the jump. Check out the other photos here.


By J. Harvey

  1. lookwhaticando

    I don’t like the first picture of her, and of course it’s me me me, the artical is after all about HER>

  2. Margaret

    I will stifle myself and just simply say that Brad looks like a penguin with a gastro problem and a harpooner’s spear stuck up his…….

  3. jen

    Maybe inbetween telling the world how good she is she could have a sandwich or two (considering she’s raising two daughters that need healthy body images to grow up with)….then we couldn’t count her freaking ribs on top of having to hear about everything short of how many times she pees. I hope they go away and actually raise their children soon because they are starting to live their own hype.

  4. cracktastic

    damn, brad isn’t aging well. at least, not in angie’s company. saw Thelma&Louise last night, and he was SMOKING HOT back then. Now, he just looks worn. If he’s happy, then more power to him, but he just looks so tired all the time, and only really happy when he’s with the kiddies.

    I do respect what angie does as far as her humanitarian work (so many others who CAN, DON’T…) but for me, she’ll always be the wack-job who made out with her brother at the Oscars. EW.

  5. Angietothemax

    So what was she supposed to say? It is HER life that is being discussed. So everyone else can talk about it but her? Anyway, I think Brad is aging well he just turned 44 he’ll be 50 before you know it. I just think it’s so funny that people have this unrealistic expectation of them as a couple.

  6. T-bone

    Yeah — she turns it off and turns it on. She’s one person one day and another the next. I think her frequent contradictions only serve to make her less likable, as an actress and a person.

  7. jannre

    Did anyone else ever notice that she never says that she and Brad are committed to each other? Only that they are committed to the kids, she trapped him good, didn’t she, he loves the kids, so will stay til him and Angie hate each other..such a guilt trip.

  8. lookwhaticando

    For petes sake, Brad is like 44 years old, who in gods name would think he would look the same as he did when he made Thelma and Louise. NO ONE looks the same at 44 as they did in the early 20′s. Brad looks Great. And of course he is going to look tired a lot of the time, he has 4 kids all under 6 years old, a extremly hectic career and life style.

    And when being interviewed, the focus is on the person being interviewed,, i.e. Jolie. So I am sure she will be talking about her life. Some people really love grasping for straws when it come to this couple. I’m glad they have each other and their kids, and what others say does not effect thier lifes reality.

  9. fildo

    What would some of you do without Brad and Angelina? While they are enjoying THEIR lives, some of you sit here bitter and filled with jealousy and putdowns. Get out of the house, off the computer and get a job or something. Do something, you’ll feel better.

  10. yikes123

    lookwhaticando, exactly my point.

  11. what dildo

    Shut the f*#k up! You’re out here commenting too, like all the rest of us.

  12. Dildo, that’s the pot calling the kettle black, ain’t it?

    Oh Angelina, once a selfish sanctimonious bitch, always a sanctimonious bitch.

    When all those babies end up in rehab and therapy, how proud will she be then?

  13. Leopard can’t change her spots.

    People’s main critic of her is the children/the way & speed she collected the children and the most she says about them is “they are healthy”.

  14. Angietothemax

    Well like she said she can’t be concerned about what others think of her. She has too many things she wants to do in this life and she certainly won’t accomplish anything worrying about what others think. People can think what they want to think about her and that’s okay.

  15. MoreDiva

    Brad is looking Hottttt Angie is looking Sexy.

  16. Please. Pitt looks like a washed out Robert Redford circa 2004. (i.e., old)

    Jolie, nothing more than a wax dummy. Freak.

  17. d-l

    That first picture of Angelina is messed up – what is up with her right arm???? How does this happen?? Makes one lose a little faith, non?

  18. Angietothemax

    That’s Mariane’s arm in front of Angie’s right arm. No that was not a good angle. I think she could stand to gain some weight in her face and pretty much everywhere else. Loved her body in Lara Croft that was hot.

  19. Zekers

    I’m with Margaret…kind of OD’d on the subject but I do find myself wondering; what are those tattoos going to look like in say, twenty years? I’ve often wondered that about the young ladies I see with the huge tats on their lower back…the years are going to change the picture…big-time!

  20. Margaret

    Sorry guys, Brad looks like crap. Brad, the “Homegirl needs like a 25-day nap followed by a deep tissue massage.” I stole that, but ain’t it the truth.

  21. … a succubus is a demon who takes the form of a beautiful human female to seduce men to have sexual intercourse. They draw energy from the men to sustain themselves, often until the point of exhaustion or death of the victim…..

  22. What?

    She’s so fake. And she takes the class out of wearing a dress like that and showing ink all over her body. Oh wait, she has no class to begin with. And yes, it’s always about her and no one else. I find it nice the way Brad Puss doesn’t look at her like he did the other women he was with. He use to look right into their eyes but he seems to avoid doing that with her whenever possible. He has to hate her skankiness by now.

  23. Margaret

    I’ll tell you what’s a riot. There are rabid Team Jolie sites that are taking these pictures and roaring that “they can’t keep their hands off each other”. I don’t see it. Maybe I’m looking at their pictures with prejudiced glasses. Don’t know. Don’t like them. God help me.

  24. 6-9

    It’s nice to see a hollywood couple so much in love. They seem truly happy with one another. And such proud and happy parents.

  25. T-bone

    I like the word “succubus”‘ when it’s used appropriately :)

    I’ve often thought she was alien-like, but perhaps it’s more demon-like.

  26. MJK

    Oh, here we go again…

    Isn’t she beautiful. I love this family. They are so happy. What elephant?

  27. There’s a new story on Dlisted about ole Ange pulling the “i’m taking a year off for my kids” card again in Cannes.

    She gonna have to come up with some new material.

  28. yeah, Margaret, i’m with you. No warm n’ fuzzies there! The body language between these two clearly comes off as “i’ll do this for the cameras, but don’t get too close to me!” “smile for christ’s sake!” “is this over yet?”

  29. Zekers

    Clarisse you nearly always crack me up! You give J. Harvey serious competition.

  30. Peach

    I certainly don’t think she is “The Most Beautiful Woman in The World”. All she looks like to me is a skeleton with big lips and a mutilated skinny body.

    I don’t know or care what her motives are concerning adopting all the children that she has – but I’m willing to bet it’s to make herself feel better.

  31. inventerra

    Gorgeous Couple!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Not really!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. T-bone

    I just read this headline out on CNN:

    Jolie: I’m taking a year off from acting


  34. T-bone,
    Methinks that you just hit upon the main difference between the die-hard HolyJolie’s and the rest of us…they have no idea what CNN is…why, that’s new’s ‘n stuff!

    Next headline:
    Jolie: “Just kiddin’! Here are more pictures of the kids! I’m off to Zimbabwe to collect another youngin’!”

    Garsh! Thanks =)

  35. Salome

    They look great together I see why the world is so interested in them. The movie looks like its gonna be a winner.

  36. dina

    i think they’re together just for kids ,he wanted a family that jennefir couldn’t give him,now he got it but without love partner..u can’t have all u want bitt

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