The Most Beautiful Woman In The World Still Banning Press

June 20th, 2007 // 47 Comments

Angie – say it isn’t so! You apologized and everything! After receiving flack for banning certain news outlets and not allowing certain questions to be asked of her at the LAST “Mighty Heart” premiere, Angie said she was sorry and blamed it on her lawyers and PR people. That’s fine, except she did it again at the NYC movie shilling! Granted, she banned rags but ya think she’d learn!

But tipsters tell Page Six that Jolie went on to ban some entertainment weeklies, including Us Weekly and Life & Style, from speaking to her at the film’s junket on Friday at the Waldorf-Astoria – only deigning to allow access to OK! and her reliable ally, People magazine, which is inclined to swallow her p.r. hook, line and sinker.

An insider who’s worked with Jolie said, “Angelina is a control freak. She knows everything that goes and is very hands-on. It’s unbelievable to me that she wouldn’t know exactly what was going on at all times.”

Granted she probably banned “Life & Style” because they have people like J. Harvey in the back spitting on celebrity outfits and it’s not exactly a BASTION of journalism. But it has words! In print! On glossy pages! How dare she censor the truth!

By J. Harvey

  1. S_M_G

    More power to her! If I were her I wouldn’t let US weekly, Life & Style interview me either. (Sorry J :-)

  2. T-Bone

    Wait – didn’t she JUST say she didn’t have anything to do with what her “lawyers” requested and that she wouldn’t have banned the press had she known?

    This woman contradicts herself more than anyone I know. HEY ANGIE — It’s called FREE SPEECH and FREE PRESS. If you don’t like it, perhaps you should have thought a little harder about your career choice and your very public antics.

  3. tell em,Angie

    No matter what you do in life, nobody should own you. Angelina dreamt of becoming a huge star and she got it, but that doesn’t give everybody free reign to her life. The press goes too far and someone needs to set limits.

  4. Max

    She’s a bratty double-talker.

  5. MM

    The most beautiful woman in the world is a pinko commie bastard!

  6. nona

    hahahaha — like rupert’s media has anything to do with journalism. his audience is one of the least informed in the country — news corp has a passing acquaintence with factual reporting. hell, most likely she was avoiding that superfreak bill ‘loofah’ oreilly. and please get a grip — this is not censorship or anything to do with ‘freedom of the press’. or provide the proof that she has sued or shut down publication of stories about her.

    why should she cooperate with rags that print unfounded stories. good for her.

  7. T-Bone

    Sorry, when you’re doing everything you can to get attention, you don’t get to pick and choose how and when the press covers you. She’s going to create such a rift between herself and the media that they’re going to come after her even harder. If she’s such a smart self-publicist, she should know better than to limit something as fundamental to this country as free press. People who try to manipulate the press are usually covering up a whole lot of sh*t that they don’t want the world to see.

  8. Zekers

    I don’t blame her for wanting to pick and choose who will interview her; but, she did just go through this whole drama regarding the very same situation in which she chose to speak out and blame her lawyers. Now, it has happened again and she just looks completely dishonest. A walking contradiction. Maybe she should just keep her mouth shut for a while…

  9. T-Bone

    Wait, none of you are addressing what J. Harvey said. You’re all making excuses as to why it’s ok for Angelina to do whatever she wants.

    Address the statement above: Angelina just apologized for her last press ban stating that she would not have done that and her lawyers were to blame.

  10. Margaret

    It’s called Freed of the Press. All she has to say is, I really don’t want to talk about that. Or, let’s talk about something else. Or even, no comment. You can’t have it both ways, Angie. You can’t be a media whore and not expect folks to ask you questions. This whole shill of hers to sell A Mighty Heart has been nothing but PR me me me me me me me. Shame on you, Angelina. This movie is about Danny Pearl and Marianne Pearl and not about you.

  11. Girly Girl

    Um, those pictures look like something out of Aushwitz. I mean no disrespect to my jewish peeps (chosen people and all- and given my own cavalcade of sins, I’m not going to risk pissing off the chosen people).

    Tell me she doesn’t look like she hasn’t been fed for a month and she’d gladly hook for a Micky D’s double cheeseburger off the 99 cent menu. She’s grabbing her throat saying ‘Please! Shove something down my piehole! I’m wasting away!’

  12. Mr. T

    Skelator speaks, CENSORSHIP!

  13. spidey2066

    yeah, officially this freak is a loon.
    and i don’t care how big her tits are,
    she’s a dope! it’s abosolutely unbelievable that some sadsack people actually idolize this bimbo!

  14. Angietothemax

    Angie just apologized for the contract being too excessive not for the contract itself. This request is not uncommon and she used the same contract when she promoted Mr. & Mrs. Smith. Life & Style and Us Weekly do not constitute valid journalism. Especially with the seriousness of AMH and her not being the only party involved as theres is Mariane, Adam, and Daniel’s parents to consider.

  15. Lily

    Freedom of the Press only applies to *government* censorship. Individuals have the *right* to refuse press.

    She’s still a bitch, though.

  16. jen

    so…I don’t get this – it was okay to answer any sort of question while she was in Cannes – but in NYC it’s different? Wasn’t she supposed to be promoting AMH during the Anne Currey interview? The Maire Claire interview? The Readers Digest interview? Any number of her People interviews?

  17. T-Bone

    Angietothe…you’re fooling yourself again (not that I don’t always enjoy your opinion ;) She’s picking and choosing because she wants to control what’s written. If this truly WAS about Mariane and Daniel Pearl, she’d want everyone to know the story and allow everyone to be a part of the press coverage. She could simply say “all questions must be related to the film and not about my personal life”. What she’s afraid of is that she’s going to say something ridiculous and self incriminating again and the mags are going to run with it.

  18. Angietothemax

    She did promote the movie in those interviews. At the beginning of the interviews she discusses her movie but unfortunately people get so caught up in what she says about her personal life the movie is forgotten. I also think they should have Dan Futterman (Daniel Pearl in the movie) do more promotion. I want to see them on Charlie Rose hopefully it’ll be on YouTube.

  19. S_M_G

    Oh and I think calling Lie & style or US weekly “press” is a reach. They are tabloids…

  20. Angietothemax

    T Bone I think the movie will be okay if it’s not mentioned in Us Weekly or Life & Style which I think it will be anyway. But when you ban any form of press it has to be agreed upon by all parties involved. I believe the movie’s production has as much to with this banning if not more. Besides what does it matter Life & Style and Us Weekly will write what they want to regardless of what actually happened.

  21. jesse d

    I though Ashwarya Rai was the most beautiful woman in the world…. eh, who cares, anyway. She certainly doesn’t. It *kills* me that everyone spews this hatred for her and what she does and what she’s done…. She’s going to go on living her dream life, doing her own thing. I like it. Go Angelina.

  22. Angietothemax

    Don’t forget Angie will be on Anderson Cooper tonight.

  23. T-Bone

    Truthfully, Angietothemax, I’ll be interested to see how this movie does at the box office and elsewhere. It might be telling about how the public feels about her, one way or the other.

    But we do know one thing for sure, the media coverage on this movie will be hand-picked by Angelina Jolie herself.

  24. Angietothemax

    It’s coming out in limited release so it’s not going to be a big box office hit especially the heaviness of the topic and it’s summer time. These kind of movies aren’t going to do great. Like Flight 93 it was a good movie but nobody wanted to see it because of the depth of the subject.

  25. Judy

    I don’t even like her, but what’s the big deal? She is there to promote the movie,not her personal life. She wants to draw attention to the movie, not let it be overshadowed by her personal life. As far as the tabloids that she banned, why not? After all the lies and rumors they started and published, why should she cooperate with them?

  26. T-Bone

    “Limited release, heavy topic in the summertime, might not do well”

    What kind of lame-ass producer allows this kind of marketing? ;)

  27. Angietothemax

    Haha. Yeah well it might surprise but I don’t think it will. It’s not exactly something you’d take your kids to see. It’s a good winter movie people are more inclined to enjoy depressing stuff in the winter/fall time.

  28. Angietothemax

    Oh T Bone we didn’t get to finish the scenario yesterday about Angie whipping Jane with the riding crop for visiting Jen. That was hilarious.

  29. Alex

    Lord, if only this movie tanked (read the book instead!)and this self-righteous looney would fade away…

  30. T-Bone

    I agree, Angietothemax, the comments that create visuals are the most fun ;)

  31. FreakyZ

    Yeah… Go Angie! GO THE FUCK AWAY! I cannot wait until she does what she keeps saying and finally retires to “just live” and be with her family.
    God I cannot stand her or her pupdog boyfriend.

  32. green cardigan

    Hey, how about a visual that has all 6 Jolie Pitts leaving on a rocket for Mars, not to return till 2010?

    I’m dangerously close to O.Ding on them right now. I fear for my health…

  33. Kare Bear

    Limited release?? I’ve been seeing the commercials & I’ve heard nothing about a limited release. summertime has nothing to do with box office hits-including those with heavy topics. Angelina sucks in this role, the wig is just as horrible as the accent. Angie needs to stay within her realm by playing a psycho, drug addict or whore.

  34. Angietothemax

    Oh Kare Bear don’t be so negative. I think Angie’s gift is portraying real life people. For every non-fictional person she’s played she’s won an award. She can immerse herself and really become those people. I don’t care what people think of her she is a force on the screen. I always forget that she’s Angelina Jolie and she becomes her character and you can relate to that character no matter what they do.

  35. lookwhaticando

    I dont blame her one bit, as much as they trash her, they are getting just what they deserve,,You Go Angie

  36. lookwhaticando

    I dont blame her one bit, as much as they trash her, they are getting just what they deserve,,You Go Angie

  37. lookwhaticando

    I dont blame her one bit, as much as they trash her, they are getting just what they deserve,,You Go Angie

  38. anouk

    she’s got one hellava nose-jobby nose and puffed up lips.

  39. toodles

    GOOD FOR ANGELINA… Its about time she fights back.. Those ridiculous rag mags are the ones that were smearing her reputation. I am glad she banned them.

    Who says these tabloid mongers deserve a chance to interview her when they were the one questioning her motherhood… questioning her rilaetionship and went on a smear campaigne to totally destroy her. i am glad she got even. She was smart most actors get exhausted suing these tabloids but Angie is very smart she bans them. I wont be surprised if other actors and actresses save their pennies and follow suit.. Hooray for Angie.. karma is such a bitch.

  40. LeslieD

    A victim of the press on one hand and a strong, independent super woman on the other?? Whine…. She can have anything she wants as long as it is on her terms?? Whine….She manipulates the press with her personal life but yet you can’t mention it. Whine….She turned Pitt into a “wife” to babysit (as pretty as it may be) the orphan souvenirs that she collects wherever she films a movie. I will read the book but I won’t see the movie. I think it was a horrible choice to cast her in the role but in this event, Nepotism rules. And could they have made her look more unhealthy or skank in these photos–what are they trying to portray–anorexia, starvation, self deprivation?

  41. trulyjolie

    Freedom of the press is overated when it is harming people than doing good. Plus it is for govt not individual people. People have the right to refuse to speak to any press if we feel like it.
    I’d refuse to speak to Lie&Steal and US weeklies too. All the trash they print, the only good those pages are for wrapping dog poop.
    Go Angie ! If it was me I’d prolly say sth like ‘ I’m Angelina Jolie , and I don’t wanna talk to you so if you don’t like it… tough shit!!!

  42. kikichanelconspiracy

    Sometimes she looks really beautiful, and other times (lately more often than not), she looks like a brain devouring alien sent to earth to destroy us all.

    You’d have to be naive to think she didn’t know about her lawyer’s missive to the press.

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