The “Mojo” Awards

June 19th, 2007 // 6 Comments

Here’s the attendees of the “Mojo” magazine awards. Nevermind Sharon and Ozzy, please direct your attention to Icelandic clown college graduate Bjork. That chick is so bonkers. And yet beloved at the same time. I like the flashy mime thing she’s got going on. I want her to pull a dove out of my ass. Which I’m sure is something she’s actually done before, she’s so arty.


More photos of Bjork at the Mojo Awards are after the jump.


By J. Harvey

  1. WTF are the Mojo awards? For the most drug abusive rock star still alive?

  2. joo

    she is so cute!

  3. Dajoro

    How DARE you ridicule Bjork! She’s a god! Once you dislodge that dove from your brownie hole, why don’t you pull your fucking head out…



    …damn, Bjork looks totally crazed in that photo, like that clown from “It”! Dammit! You’re forgiven!

  4. Lisa

    Moho is that cool channel on cable that hosts shows like Three Sheets, London Live, Uncorked,etc. The shows appeal to me because well…I’m an alcoholic!

  5. rootabega

    the closeup is frightening! waxing? teeth cleaning??

  6. t-storm

    is it me or she looks like superman..girl .. woman er.. wateva!

    now hold your trash, thats not a insult, so w00t!!

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