The Modern Parent Trap

Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise’s children are pro-TomKat. The two kids, Connor and Isabella, are keeping their fingers crossed that Katie will make the walk down the aisle. Under the bidding of her children, Nick Kidman has made a plea for the marriage to take place as well. A source spilled the story to Grazia magazine stating:

“Nicole usually minds her own business, but she made an exception in this case. She has urged Katie to go ahead with the wedding.”


“The children want their father to be happy and told Nicole nothing had been firmly set up.”

The kids are living with Tom and Katie in Beverly Hills along with Suri. Perhaps, if the source isn’t a liar-liar with his pants on fire, the kids are just longing for some normalcy. Or they to have been brainwashed in an evil plot to rule the world using Tom as their patsy. My bet is on normalcy.

Cruise kids want Tom Cruise to marry Katie Holmes [Fametastic]

Written by Cara Harrington

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