The Miley Cyrus Recipe

Pop tart handlers are hard at work creating the “new” Miley Cyrus, which coincides with her album Can’t Be Tamed. And they’re playing around with a very familiar formula.

- Start with little beauty pageant-like princess to pimp out to Disney.

Upon hitting puberty, add the following:

- In your face sex appeal

- An edgy pop-shock album highlighting newly developed ass-ets

- Celebrity gossip hound scandal

- Numerous songs on one album marking her “coming of age” including an erotic thump (Can’t Be Tamed), dance remix-ready fist pumper (Robot) and cheeky ballad (My Heart Beats for Love) *see I’m Not a Girl, Not Yet a Woman Britney Spears album for further details

Does this recipe sound familiar yet?

Hints: name mentioned above, her sister and the once admired red-headed Mean Girl who had the nickname “Lo” first.

Is it me or is Miley looking a little Rachel Zoe encouraged slim while at the LAX airport with beau Liam Hemsworth and mama dukes?

Oh no. It has begun. And we all know how it could end.

New hastag? #PrayforMiley.