The Michael Jackson Saga: Dr. Conrad Murray And The Deadly Propofol

Well now this doesn’t look good does it. After Dr. Conrad Murray’s Houston office was raided last week, his Las Vegas was raided this week in search of evidence that he in some way killed Michael Jackson. The main culprit in the manslaughter investigation is our good old friend Propofol, which we all know is dangerous and should never be administered outside of the hospital.

The one thing that I don’t understand is that law enforcement and Murray’s lawyers are still not referring to him as a suspect. So then what is he? My knowledge of this stuff is limited to what I watch on Law & Order, but I’m pretty positive that if they’re raiding your home and looking for “evidence of the offense of manslaughter”, you’re a suspect. According to Rolling Stone, police confiscated serious meds, like appetite suppressant Phentermine and anti-anxiety med Klonopin, as well as computer hard drives, Rolodexes, and any other document linking Murray to Jackson.

When searching Jackson’s rented mansion for evidence of foul play, police found an IV line, Propofol, and multiple oxygen tanks. Cherilyn Lee, Michael’s nurse and nutritionist said that Michael was desperate for Propofol the weeks before his death. She was subpoenaed to give police Michael’s medical documents, but is not a suspect in the death. Michael apparently did not care that an overdose of Propofol can make someone stop breathing, leading to a buildup of carbon dioxide in the body and can lead to sudden cardiac arrest. Sounds familiar, yes? That’s cause Propofol killed Michael.

Dr. Murray’s lawyers still maintain that he did nothing wrong. His lawyer, Edward Chernoff, said Murray “didn’t prescribe or administer anything that should have killed Michael Jackson.” I don’t like the “should” in that sentence and it’s probably because of things like that “should” that police are searching Murray’s offices and homes.

Michael Jackson is thought to have been using Propofol for at least two years and officials are also trying to find out who else gave him the drug. The Associated Press says that Michael used Propofol “like an alarm clock. A doctor would administer it when Jackson went to sleep, then stop the IV drip when the singer wanted to wake up.”

Conrad Murray has been identified as the subject of a manslaughter investigation, but he is cooperating. He’s probably cooperating just like he did when Michael said that he wanted a bunch of oxygen tanks. As mention before, an IV line was found in Michael’s room with three tanks of oxygen in his room and 15 more thanks in the security guard shack.

OK everyone, what has this taught us? Don’t take dangerous medicine! Really, it’s quite simple. Yes, I’m sure that every once in a while it’ll feel really nice, but is death worth that nice feeling? Nope, didn’t think so.

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