The Mess That Is Being Bobby Brown

July 1st, 2005 // 11 Comments

Oh Lord! Was is good? Delicious. Was it classy? Hell to the no! If you missed the first two episodes of Being Bobby Brown, Bravo will be running them at least 50 times over the next week. Whitney and Bobby are two of the saddest, pathetic, classless individuals to walk this earth. The couple’s discussions about shit were fascinating. And what was up with all of Whitney’s head scarves? Just plain bizarre.

The blog fourfour has the highlights of the first two episodes (via cityrag).

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. lala

    who cares what being bobby brown is like, just peek inside your local crack house and find out.

  2. Cowgirl

    I watched the shows (it was late and I was too lazy to dig the remote out of the couch). All I have to say is, Whitney acts like a biggidy-bitch. The show? Wiggidy-whack. Between Whitney and Bobby, I feel really sorry for their kids.

  3. fukdotcom

    i think whitney must be crazy to sign off for something like this …she’s a damn bitch

  4. Steve

    Looks like a trailer for “Cracky, and Crackier.” Will one of these junkies die already and put us out of their misery?!

  5. is he sitting on the toliet in that last pic. It kindof looks like it….

  6. patrick

    Whitney, Whitney, Whitney…..what a pathetic waste you have become. You had everything…talent, good looks, riches…marrying the father of your child, gurrlll, is the worse decision you’ve ever done.
    You are now a big laughing stock and that hurts because you are such a hugely talented artist!!

  7. Mimi

    Everyone used to think is was Bobby who screwed up Whitney. After watching the show I think it’s the other way around!!! I never knew Bobby could be so funny. I love that show!!!

    P.S. I would much rather hear Whitney sing on that show than Britney’s no talent ass. Hell to the Naw!

  8. Alien_Angel

    What is up with poor Bobbi Kristine? Whitney acts like BK is not even there most of the time. You never see Whitney talking to the kids or any kind or affection occurring between her and her eldest daughter, BK. The little girl hardly ever smiles and she has the look of one who has been forced to bear the heaviest part of some horrible secret nightmare. But I agree with the person who said that Bobby Brown is funny and more likable than one would expect. It is Whitney who seems irretrievable. Whitney appears to have completely lost her mind. She does not seem at all okay. Still would rather listen to her sing or see her show any day over stupid idiot Spears.

  9. mizdiva

    would ya’ll leave bobby and whitney alone stop hatin on my girl and get a life

  10. Hawaiiin Breezy

    O my goodness! I love the show! although Bobby and Whitney are a bit off the chain, they are funny as hell! I sure hope that this show will be released on DVD. How about a second season, and a world tour from Bobby! Just pray for em’ yall.

  11. lil_kit

    Man whitney houston is the best.
    And always will be, PLEASE come back to us Whitney?????/
    We want the original Whitney back,,,,,LOL
    Peace out?????

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