The Men: 2010 Grammy Awards

The men suited up and hit the red carpet for the 2010 Grammy Awards.  I’m going to start with Jason Mraz, because he’s pretty much my favorite person in the world (sorry friends and family.) Obvious favoritism aside, I really like how he mixed it up without going overboard.  He took a classic suit shape and added a fresh edge by choosing a blue suit with a black collar.  The pop singer added some rock n’ roll to his look with a metallic tie and wild hair, that I’m pretending I styled by running my fingers through it.

Presenter Simon Baker went sleek suited with some wide frame glasses.  I’m not sure how this became such a trend lately, with Billy Zane also following the look donned by Jonathan Rhys Meyers  at the From Paris With Love Premiere. It’s like they were tired of their own hotness and just wanted to be a 9 for a night.

Jamie Foxx went for all black with, a sharp and clean contrast from his military inspired costume for his performance with Slash.

Paul Wall might be wearing a suite and tie to please mom, but he will still wear his earrings and grillz, dammit.

I know  Busta Rhymes lost the long hair a long time ago, but it still takes me a while to recognize him with out it.  He also made it harder behind some aviator glasses and his increasingly heavier stature, but showed his signature unique style in an orient-inspired velvet jacket and bow tie.

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