The Men: 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards

March 29th, 2009 // 12 Comments

Corbin Bleu is a sweet kid and his simple black ensemble with the white t-shirt is perfect for this event, if he would just shave off that strange facial hair. Please, Corbs. Do it for me. You have a bright and promising future and this stubble is not going to do you any favors.

As for elfin singer David Archuleta, that one probably can’t even grow facial hair yet, so we won’t have to worry about him trying to sport this look for at least a few years. Usher was very summery in his predominantly white outfit, paired with a light blue army-style shirt that showed off his forearm tats.

And it’s more scruff with the new Star Trek movie star Chris Pine, who’s very much adopting the whole Justin Timberlake look of stubble, button-up shirt with the sleeves casually pushed up, vest and expensive jeans. He’s cute and all, but I’m still very much pro-razor in almost all cases.

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Gallery Info:  Corbin Bleu, Tony Hawk, Russell Simmons, Chester Bennington, Terry Crews, George Lopez, Harry Hamlin, Chris Rock, Slash, Soulja Boy, David Archuleta, Jermaine Dupri, Chris Pine, Tyrese Gibson, Usher, Romeo, Josh Peck, Dylan Sprouse, Cole Sprouse, Blair Underwood, David Charvet, John Cena and Nick Cannon at the 2009 Kids’ Choice Awards.

By Lisa Timmons

  1. Helen

    um elfin singer? what the heck is that anyways? Archuleta is hot.

  2. bsd

    David Archuleta looked AWESOME at the KCA. Who cares if he doesn’t have facial hair; he has perfect skin! I love his outfit. Way to go David!

  3. Shereen

    actually David DOES have facial hair, lol. On Regis & Kelly, Regis actually asked him about his shaving habits since is skin was so nice. And you can see stubble in any HQ pictures (not that you’d care to look, lol).

  4. gloria

    how u called david???
    anyway! HE LOOKED SO FREAKING HOT yesterday night!!

  5. DAFAN16

    LOLOL..Archuleta looks WAY Hotter than any of these guys…. The eyes, the smile, the hair, the lips, the flawless skin… and he does too shave :)

    Love David!!!

  6. kathykat

    David Archuleta shouldn’t be faulted for having flawless skin=) And I agree with the majority that he looked hot at the KCA!

  7. Violet

    Yes, we saw stubble in a couple of David’s photos and when Regis noted David’s nice skin and asked if he shaves, David says he does but not every day. I was hoping David and Paula would get slimed, but they got away slime-free. Fun show.

  8. Mayh

    I don´t know what elfin means, but if is something like terrific, handsome, hot, then you´re right.
    I just love him.
    I hope he wins something next year

  9. Mayh

    I don´t know what elfin means, but if is something like terrific, handsome, hot, then you´re right.
    I just love him.
    I hope he wins something next year

  10. ambber

    David Archuleta is gorgeous in every way. good role model for young people now a days. How many can you think of celebrity who is a good role model? He is a brilliant singer artist.
    Luv DA.

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