The Mario Vazquez ‘American Idol’ Mystery

We need Nancy Drew for this one. Tons of speculation as to why pretty boy Mario Vazquez has quit American Idol. A Fox spokesman did not elaborate on the surprise announcement except to stress that it was Vazquez’s decision to withdraw.

In an interview that will air Monday (March 14) on “Extra, Vazquez remained cryptic.

“It was a very, very hard decision on my part…’American Idol’ was only positive and wonderful with me…but overall, my intuition told me there was things I really needed to take care of, personal areas in my life that I’m trying to keep private… to me that meant that I couldn’t continue on with the competition.” Vazquez says “Everything is great! I’ll be expecting some bad press and some good press, but that’s what comes with being in the public.” [Zap2it]

So what does this mean. The rumors have been running rampant that Mario is gay. Could it be criminal? Could it be mental illness?

TVgasm posts that A source close to the show refused to disclose any specifics, but did assure TVGasm, Mario was forced out. The “personal line” was organized by FOX lawyers.

My boys at the WOW Report give us a little something even more juicy. Mario Vazquez is a regular at Latina trannie bar Escuelita. Details are via Brooklyn Boy Blues.

If it is true that FOX made Mario drop out because he’s either gay or a trannie, that’s incredibly sad and homophobic. It is America who votes right? Let America choose if it was a gay or trannie American Idol.