The Many Looks Of Lindsay Lohan

April 18th, 2006 // 12 Comments

Or should I say, the many outfits of Lindsay Lohan with the off-the-shoulder look. Kate Moss must have told her that off-the-shoulder is hot this season. Or maybe she feels that the look enhances her chances for free drinks.

Lohan partied until dawn following her “Saturday Night Live” gig, witnesses told The Post’s Braden Keil. The “Herbie Fully Loaded” star began her evening at an “SNL” after-party in Midtown, then headed to the R&R club at 3:30 a.m., where she was harassed by star-struck fans before being escorted to the VIP area. Others in the crowd included Nicole Richie, Pearl Jam frontman Eddie Vedder, who was pounding drinks with local rockers Still Division, and some “SNL” cast members.

Lohan On The Loose [Page Six]

By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. Silasdog

    She always looks sloppy to me, even when she’s attempting to look good; always looks like she just rolled out of bed (probably did). Why can’t she put on stockings? Skank-O-Rama.

  2. she looks great. and thin.

  3. tess

    Glad to see she put on some weight. It was about time. I mean doesn’t she have a clue that she looks better with curves…hellooo.

  4. kim

    I’m glad to see that she finally looks a bit more healthy. Scary skinny was not a good look for her…

  5. Steph

    Stockings? Who under 50 actually wears stockings?

    And I think she looks great. Def. an improvement over her previous anorexic blond look.

  6. Mindy

    … How old is she really, fer chrissakes. She always looks like a 70′s reject.

  7. rona

    dont judge her ok

  8. U go girl

    Well i think she looked her best when she had the red hair and curves.. but she wont last too long in HollyWood dont worry ppl its just a matter of time

  9. blondgirl

    shes hot (with red hair). man her “Rumors” music video woold get the boys at my school faintin’!

  10. lo

    Anyone else notice that she’s carrying a half-eaten burger in that first pic? Anyone wonder WHY? Anyone wonder who ate that half a burger, too?

  11. Taylor

    Ok Lindsay just looks so awkward in what she’s wearing in that first picture, there’s a reason why she is an actress and NOT a supermodel like Kate Moss, hello!! Plus, did anyone tell Lindsay she is scary? Because she is.

  12. margaux

    Well,,, like everyone that is known ,,,, she looks very pretty thats for sure …. but what is hiding hes hundruds of ‘things ‘ all over her body ?? make up…. what makes her body look stuning… breast implants and photo changes … come on … she even looks better natural on the pics rather then in mags… anyone can look like her with everything she has on her body and face that hides all the ‘unwanted details’>>> But she is really a pretty girl apart from that >>> i just think no one needs tones of make up to look good >>> especially lindsay>>> of course it looks better >>> but its “fake” all fake>>> i could have done modelling if i wanted to but i rejected and said no way because in my personality>>> im not fake and no one should be but hey >>> what would the world be if we say everthing the way they are ??>>> real??? yeah … but no one would like it … so keep going lindsay… but i do think you are pretty … its not against you personnally but again the fact of being fake>>> i’ve seen a 14 year old girl posing half naked nd being ok with that because she wanted to look like the girls in the mags >… nice huh ?? … yeah fake

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