The Many Faces Of Tom Cruise

March 28th, 2006 // 17 Comments

Each of them are scary in their own way. In case you missed Tom‘s chair jumping at Yahoo!, we have the video above for your viewing enjoyment. We’d like to think that Tom Cruise is totally relaxing and doing his guy thing while attending his children’s sporting events. However, we have a hard time believing that he’s not constantly self aware and posing in every public appearance.

More photos of Tom Cruise (plus one with Katie), after the jump.

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By Miu von Furstenberg

  1. tia

    Okay so maybe tom likes jumping on things. Go ahead and talk trash about him. I dont care about that, but as far as him jumping on things lets just leave him alone and let him act like a wild monkey. As far as the posing well .. he’s Tom Cruise .. he’s vain and i’am too. Big deal Miu.

  2. Katie

    He’s out of his mind and he’s phoney.

  3. Small Fry

    His lemming looks so enthused in that last picture. Is she filing her nails?

  4. gOssiP

    aww poor katie has cankles haha…

    isn’t it time they pop that alien out, she’s been looking that pregnany for over 9 months now

  5. doofus

    phone-tapping, two-faced, psycho wack job.

    nuff said.

  6. OoOo

    small fry–

    no i think that’s the private cell phone he got her and tommy boy just texted her with–okay in one minute we are going to smile, then hug, then throw in a kiss-but no tongue please you know ow i feel about that.
    and her look is a look of shit, not again

  7. Small Fry

    OoOo, that is awesome. Tee hee. So true. I can’t believe he drags her around to all of this crap. How many games do they go to in one week? Ugh.

  8. my2cents

    He really needs therapy!

  9. Fabiola

    OK, here’s the deal. Tom Cruise’s 15 minutes are just about up; he knows it, everyone knows it and he’s DESPERATE to get himself a few more seconds before absolutely nobody gives a shit anymore…10, 9, 8, 7…

    BTW, doofus, you rock

  10. Kind Stranger

    Poor Katie. She’s enormous! I wonder if she’ll ever get her pre-pregnancy figure back.
    Angie, on the other hand looks fabulous.
    You know that’s what The Chin didn’t want to get pregnant. She didn’t want to get fat. It’s true.

  11. Kirk Douglas

    Ooooops, correction: that’s WHY The Chin didn’t want to get pregant

  12. BoutrosBoutrosGhali

    Tom is a TOOL — it’s just like Snarkywood said. This is the Wrongest Coupling in the History of Wrongness. EFFING TOOL!!!!!!!!!!

  13. las

    How is it that some women look great and fit when they’re pregnant, and some just bloat up? Katie looks terrible. Must be sitting through all those Scientology classes, instead of walking about.

    And Tom is so nuts now, I can only imagine how he’ll be in ten years. He’s hyper-aware of being a star, and obsessed with keeping their attention (so he can preach Scientology)

  14. Draya

    Poor katie. No wonder she looks like hell, following the Cruiser to Australia, Europe and to every goddamn game his kids are in. Does he think any of us buy the “Involved Father” crap?? If he was such a good dad, why did dump their Mom, and then try to screw her on their Prenup? Total publicity photo Op. Notice how we rarely saw pictures of the Cruiser at his kids games UNTIL he inseminated Katie with his alien seed? He’s consumed with publicity.

    By the way, DOOFUS IS HILARIOUS!!!

  15. anna

    hi morons, you are glib; Tom said katie can scream how the fuck she wants on walters show in november05!
    you are gullible. it isfor the people around;

    Give Tom a fucking break you losers! you’ve got too much time on your hands; Tom is a great father to his two children, hopefully, because kidman doesn’t give a fuck! everyone know that, she was never present for them during their marriage, tom stayed at home while she was doing movie after movie; bitch

    Go Tom, have a great time with Katie and your baby; don’t give a damn about these parasites here
    Fabiola, you are an idiot; jealous girl.

  16. ObGyn

    Anna–Your cooch stinks.

  17. Books

    It’s not Katie they’re worried about being silent during the birth – TOM’S the one who can’t shut the hell up and sit still. That’s why those signs are so big – he’s the one who has to read them.

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